Why following Fitness Gurus is Not as Smart as You Think ...


Why  following Fitness Gurus is Not as Smart  as You Think ...
Why  following Fitness Gurus is Not as Smart  as You Think ...

It would be fair to say that out of all of the biggest fashion trends and innovations that have occurred over the last few years, the rise in popularity and prominence of self-professed fitness gurus on social media platforms is certainly one of the most significant. But there are some reasons why following fitness gurus might not be as smart as you think.

Accounts created by solid bodied gods and goddesses across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are followed by millions across the world, and they can provide lots of motivation, inspiration, and advice to those looking to start their own fitness journeys. However, there is a side to these accounts that might not be quite as motivating and positive as you’d hope. Here is why following fitness gurus might not be as smart as you think.

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Too Many Trendy Workouts

Trendy workouts are one of the biggest reasons why following fitness gurus might not be as smart as you think. These gurus need to keep up with the latest trends to stay relevant, but sometimes their trendy, fad based regimes aren’t the most effective exercise techniques for somebody who is just starting out on their journey to fitness. Don’t get carried away with trying to replicate their fancy routines when sticking to the basics will work just fine for you in the beginning.


Harmful Comparisons

Following all these gurus and having their flawless images pop up on your feeds constantly can have a detrimental effect on your confidence or self-esteem. If you progress is slower than you had hoped, then these images of perfection might result in you losing your confidence and motivation rather than having the opposite desired effect.



If you follow too many of these gurus, there is a good chance that you could become overwhelmed with the topic of fitness and not know where to start. This feeling of being overwhelmed might just lead to you not starting your own journey at all for fear of not being able to live up to the incredibly high standards of these social media stars.



In the opposite way to being overwhelmed, you might find yourself becoming almost too inspired and motivated by the gurus, encouraged to push yourself to limits that might be beyond your physical and mental ability. You might be so pumped by the things that you see online that you push yourself too far and do more damage than good. Just think about it this way - if you start making progress but then injure yourself trying to replicate the moves of an expert fitness guru, then you could be sidelined for a long period of time and get completely out of the swing of things.


Uninspiring Meal Plans

Lots of the fitness gurus you see online will be great workout wise, but not so great when it comes to presenting meal and diet options that are actually appealing to a wider audience. Endless Instagrams of nut mixes and kale smoothies might look the part, but when you try to replicate that in your own real life, you might find that you undo a lot of your hard exercise work by bingeing on fatty foods out of desperation when your diet is not satisfying you!

Please don’t think this means you should not follow online fitness gurus. The point is to be inspired but in a way that works for you. Use them for motivation and inspiration, but follow your own journey rather than copying theirs.

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