7 Weird Workouts to Shake up Your Usual Exercise Routine ...

There are some weird workouts to shake up your usual exercise routine. I love exercise and I will try almost anything if it means I can add variety to my usual workout. It seems people are always thinking of new ways to exercise and cooking up weird workouts to burn those calories. For example, whilst pole-dancing was once the sole preserve of the scantily clad babe in dark dingy basements with money sticking out of their two-piece, views have swiftly changed and people are opening up to the world of weird workouts whilst having heaps of fun at the same time. Here are just a few of them to help relieve that workout boredom that we all suffer from every now and then.

1. Prancercise

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This is one of THE weird workouts guys, so prepare yourself. If you haven't seen the video which went viral earlier this year, then you're missing a treat. Touted by the founder Joanna Rorhback as 'uninhibited fitness' and mimicking the movement of a horse's gait, this exercise will help you shed the excess pounds. However, I can't help thinking of the episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S where Phoebe runs... your social life may suffer as a consequence.

2. Just like a Circus

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Anything that gets us burning calories whilst learning a new skill at the same time, gets the thumbs up from me. The circus workout is by no means a new phenomenon. Traditionally associated with travelling folk, this body strengthening workout will have you swinging around like Pink at one of her concerts (but hopefully not injuring yourselves guys!)

3. Barre Babes

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Don't worry, this full-body workout does not require you to don a tutu. We all know how intense ballet is. Barre exercise is set to fast paced music as opposed to the classical tunes usually associated with the ballet and people are reported to feel the barre burn in just 10 minutes. Be prepared for that fabulous achy post-work out feeling.

4. Head over Heels

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A work out in your Manolos? How Carrie Bradshaw would approve! I do love wearing my heels and immediately feel confident when I slip them on so I can understand how this low impact strengthening exercises makes you feel super sexy as you 'work-it' in high heels. I do fear for my ankles though.

5. Rock a Hula Baby

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The hula hoop is a great work out for the waist, and a ten minute session can help rid the excess fat in just six weeks. Many celebrities have been extolling the benefits of the humble hula hoop and credit it as the reason for their weight loss and toned physique. Who can forget the 64 year old Grace Jones going hula hooping mad during her four minute performance at the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Concert. If you haven't seen it, check it out on You Tube and grab the hula hoop straight afterwards. (I'll let you off if you don't sing while hula hooping, but you can work on it)

6. Punk Rock Workout

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This is pretty self explanatory; an aerobic work out set to punk rock music such as the Sex Pistols and The Stranglers. It's an exhausting work out which involves a lot of kicking, jumping and windmilling, but is a great alternative for those who would rather steer clear of conventional gym classes and want an 'alternative' aerobic experience. Rock on!

7. Man's Best Friend

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How about shedding the pounds with your pooch? It's not just us mere mortals that need to keep trim as obesity seems to be an epidemic which is spreading to the pet community too. There are classes for both dog and owner where you can work out together - a great bonding exercises if ever there was one. Humans and dogs can help each other in 'doga' (yoga for dogs, I'm not kidding).

These are just a few exercises and weird workouts you may want to try. It seems that anything can be given the 'workout' label, though if it raises the heart rate and gets you moving. What unusual exercises have you tried?

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