7 Ways to Stop Making Excuses and Start Exercising ...


If you want to force yourself to exercise, you need ways to stop making excuses. There are tons of things to do throughout the day, but you need to make time for the most important activities. You need to put your health first. Here are some common reasons we decide to skip our workout and ways to stop making excuses.

1. I’m Busy

You can’t change how many hours there are in a day, but you can choose what to do with them. If you have a busy schedule, one of the ways to stop making excuses not to exercise is by planning out exactly what you’re doing and when you’re going to do it. You should be able to find at least a small space of time that you can use for exercising. If you can’t, then try to cut down on one of your other activities. Do you sleep for twelve hours at a time? Try to wake up earlier in order to make more time for yourself.

I Just Showered
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