7 Ways to Make Exercising More Enjoyable ...


7 Ways to Make Exercising More Enjoyable ...
7 Ways to Make Exercising More Enjoyable ...

If you want to get fit, there are ways to make exercising more enjoyable. When you dread putting your sneakers on, it can be difficult to find motivation to get up and go. You need ways to make exercising more enjoyable so that you work out more often. There’s no reason to be miserable when trying to get healthy.

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Canine Companion

One of the ways to make exercising more enjoyable is by incorporating your pup into the mix. If you have a dog, you can take him for daily walks or runs. If he’s a fan of Frisbee or the pool, join him in the activities. If you have an energetic pet, he can get you pumped to move around. Plus, you’re not only keeping yourself healthy, but your best pal as well.


Podcast Blast

Everyone loves to listen to music when they exercise, but your earbuds can be used for something else. Go search for an entertaining podcast (preferably a longer one). Don’t let yourself listen to it unless you’re working out. If you get hooked, you’ll be itching to exercise. If you’re not sure where to start, try listening to Welcome to Nightvale.


Games with Friends

Get your friends together to have a game of badminton or volleyball. When your with your girls, exercising won’t feel like work. You’ll have a blast, and get fit while doing so. When the weather turns cold, try doing something appropriate for the season like ice skating or skiing. Just remember to have fun!


Televised Exercise

Instead of playing drinking games, try playing some exercise games. Turn on your favorite TV show and do certain exercises when certain phrases are spoken. If you’re a fan of the show, you can probably guess what is going to happen over the course of an episode. Use your knowledge to create an exercise list. If you’re lacking inspiration, check out pinterest.com for ideas.


Challenge Yourself

If you’re a competitive person, you know there’s no better opponent than yourself. If you do fifty crunches in a row one day, see if you can do more the next day. You don’t have to go overboard, and cause yourself too much stress. Just try to push yourself a bit more everyday. Soon enough, you’ll be as fit as can be.


Go Clubbing

Join a team, so that you never have to exercise alone. One is the loneliest number, after all. Even if you’re not a talented athlete, you can find a local group that gets together just for the fun of it. You might as well socialize while you’re breaking a sweat. You could make some new friends.


Video Games

Who says video games are bad for you? Invest in a fun game like Just Dance. It’ll get you moving and grooving. You’ll even learn dance steps that you can use at your next party. There are plenty of different versions of the game, so you can choose whether you'd prefer to listen to pop music, or Michael Jackson. So turn on your Wii and dance the night away!

When you enjoy doing something, you’re going to find time to do it more often. You should do whatever you can to make your workouts more desirable. What motivates you to exercise?

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