8 Savvy Ways to Stay Fit for Girls Low on Cash Flow ...


You don’t need the latest Fitbit, the trendiest workout gear or a subscription to the hottest gym in town to keep fit. Being flat broke really isn’t an excuse to not work out. You don’t need a dime to invest in your health because there are all these fun ways to keep fit:

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One of the cheapest ways to keep fit is to walk everywhere. Take the dog out regularly for a good run, which will also keep your pet from becoming obese or, if you haven't got a dog, ask if you can help out an elderly neighbor or dog rescue center and go walkies with theirs. Walk to the stores, to friends' houses, to work, to your church. Just walk at least 30 minutes every week!



Invariably, there will be somebody wanting to get rid of an old bike in your neighborhood. This is your chance to get a bike for free or for a few dollars. Invite bike-owning friends out on a cheap picnic and tour your hometown. Take a long weekend to explore nearby National Parks, forests and local beauty spots. Bike to work if you can and take your bike shopping. Every moment of pedal power helps to keep you fit.


Work out in Play

Go to the park and you'll soon come across like-minded soccer, cricket, rugby and baseball fans who are happy to form teams for a friendly match. If you live near the beach, take a washing line and ball with you; wear your brightest swimwear - before you'll know it, you're playing beach volleyball with other hot babes. Also, look out for urban parks with climbing and exercise equipment. You’re never too old to swing on the jungle gym (and add in a few pull-ups in between.)



Gardening is not only good for supplying your kitchen with fresh and healthy grub. Studies have shown that gardening is good for body and soul, keeping you fit with just 30 minutes of vigorous digging in the veggie patch or weeding in the flower beds per week.



Pushing a vacuum cleaner around actually burns off quite a few calories - doing regular housework keeps you fit. Make it more fun: sway your hips to a good tune whilst vacuum-cleaning; jump over the broom a few times before sweeping your yard; wave both arms in the air and have a good stretch, then tackle spider webs with your feather duster as if an Olympic medal depended on it.



For those lucky enough to live near a major body of water, swimming is an entirely free way to keep fit. It is in fact one of the healthiest and cheapest ways to keep fit, even if you're not close to rivers, ponds, lakes or the sea. Many local authority-run leisure centers offer free periods of up to 7 days during which people can try out the center's facilities, including the pool. You may have to do the rounds of several neighborhood leisure centers to get a whole month's worth of free swimming.



You'll need to invest in a pair of quality running shoes if you want to take up jogging as part of your regular fitness regime. After that, running is free. Run to the shops, to your BFF's house, to school or work. Be sure to take a change of clothing, towel and shower gel with you, or stinkiness and sweatiness will get in the way of the rest of the day.



Dancing is one of the cheapest ways to keep fit and you'll have the maximum amount of fun at the same time. Arrange a regular boogie night with friends or surprise your partner with a belly dance in the kitchen every so often. One, two, three...a romantic waltz in the backyard will get you fit before you can utter the words Viennese and Strauss.

The important thing is to not sit around bemoaning the lack of money. Get up, get moving. Make it fun and you’ll even forget your money troubles for a while.

What’s your favorite cost-free way to work out? Any ideas different to the above are most welcome.

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There's also great DVDS & YouTube vids.

Thankssss, this was so helpful for me!!!

Just Dance Now! you dont need a Wii, and it is free. (And that rhymes!). You use your phone instead of a controller and a laptop or smartTv as screen. Ofcourse you cant dance all te songs but there are 5 per day to play for free, limitless. And you'll improve your dancing too :)

@neecy work out in park I believe you were trying to say. Good post though. I love walking and I look trim and well yee haa

Yeah you don't need money to be fit just move your body, good article

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