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9 Ways to Get Back into the Dance World ...

By Ebangha

A true dancer will probably never really need reasons to get back into the dance world. They will need a push. They need encouragement. Perhaps you are just lacking a bit of confidence right now. Maybe someone told you that you would never be good enough. That should not keep you away from your love, your passion, your dance floor. Go ahead; let these reasons to get back into the dance world be your push back to your love of dance.

1 Take a Beginner's Class

One of my favorite reasons to get back into the dance world is that we are all beginners at one point or another. You may have been at the top of the pyramid and had an injury bring you down. No matter the reason you stopped, you should try again. Start with a beginner’s class. Ease your way back onto the dance floor and reignite your love for the craft. Before you know it, you will have strengthened your basic technique which is crucial on your journey to dancing once more.

2 Practice Yoga

Dancers need flexibility amongst other things. Yoga is a great tool to get your flexibility back or to push you past a plateau. It will help strengthen and tone your muscles also. You do not have to become an expert yogi in a week, but over time you will learn to love it. As your love for yoga grows, so will your determination to dance again.


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3 YouTube

YouTube offers so many wonderful outlets for gifted dancers. Why not document your pathway to dancing again? Or are you a bit shy? Well, that is ok. YouTube can offer great routines and combos to help you learn quicker and faster as you master each one. Maybe it will even inspire you to chronicle your own journey. Go on. Get on YouTube and rediscover your passion for dance.

4 Rec Center Class

If you are a university student or reside near a university, check out the rec center classes. Often times, they have dance majors and dance minors teaching classes. They are usually fairly cheap and quite fun too. Do not hesitate to get dancing again.

5 GroupOn

Speaking of fun and cheap classes, Groupon offers so many deals and discounts for numerous dance classes. Take advantage of this! I would stock up on these if I was you. You never know how good you can become. Take a chance. Make a change. Embrace learning more about your body and your passion.

6 Partner Dancing

Have you always wondered what it would be like to glide across the ballroom floor to a classy waltz number? Do you have dreams of shaking something to a saucy salsa number? Well, now is the time to get out there and do your thing. Partner dancing is awesome because it allows you to progess with someone helping you out along the way. Do you not have a partner? Sign up for a local class, and they will most likely match you with someone. Do not be afraid to go all out. Confidence is all that you need.

7 Professional Teams

Have you ever looked at an NBA or NFL dance team and wondered how they did it? You can do it too! Just mark down the audition date. Attend as many prep classes as you can. Exercise daily. When it comes time for auditions, give your all. Give it your best. Make sure that you leave your heart out on the dance floor. That is all that really matters anyways.

8 Coaching and Teaching

Whether you have decades of experience or just five years, if an opportunity arises for you to teach, take it! The best way to learn and master a subject is to teach it to someone else. Your platform can be a studio, a gym, or YouTube. It does not really matter where you teach. Just get out and do it. I know you can.

9 Just Dance

It does not matter where you are. It does not matter who sees who. I hope that when you start to dance again, that you feel the music’s rhythm in your heart. Let the beat flow through your body. Kick your highest kicks. Leap your grandest leaps. Do not give up on yourself. Dance will not give up on you.

Today, take the time to shake a little something. Groove to the beat. Leap across that floor. What is your motivation to dance once more?

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