Girl's Guide πŸ“˜ on How to Exercise πŸ’ͺ during Your Period πŸ™Š ...

Okay, trust me, I know, the absolute last thing that any woman wants to do when she is on her period is head to the gym for a workout! That's why you need some ways to exercise during your period.

From the moment our menstrual cycles begin, they cause us nothing but trouble, from physical pain to emotional mood swings and everything in between. However, even though it seems completely unnatural to do so, did you know that exercising during your period can actually be extremely beneficial? Don’t worry, I totally get that going for a 10-mile run on day two of your period isn’t going to fly, so I have come up with a handful of different ways to exercise during your period.

1. Pilates

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Pilates is the perfect form of exercise to enjoy when on your period because not only is it as gentle as the positions that you choose, but it can also relieve many of the worst symptoms of PMS. Pilates helps to increase blood flow, which will reduce the pain felt from period cramps, as well as bloating and irritability. Improving your flexibility, strength and posture are also things that can help to ease the pain of a heavy period. So if you're looking for ways to exercise during your period, give Pilates a try.

2. Stretching

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Stretching is usually the thing that you do as a warm up to a more heavy duty workout, but when you are menstruating, focusing only on the stretches can provide a light and worthwhile exercise session. Doing simple things like standing stretches and floor stretches can increase your energy levels, which get sapped when going through a bad period. Breathing exercises can also help to regulate cramping.

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Mild yoga is the key here, not the crazy, body bending positions that you might be picturing in your mind! Mild yoga helps to drain the lymph fluids, which eliminates some toxins in your body. With all of the period pain present, you want to be increasing blood flow to prevent clotting and bloating. Yoga can also be very helpful in easing back pain, which is a common symptom of PMS.

4. Walking

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Have you ever noticed that your period pains don’t seem to be as bad when you are on the move, compared to laying in bed in the foetal position? Instead of curling up, get out and stretch those legs. Going for a light, steady paced stroll can both get the blood flowing in your body, and help to take your mind off of the situation. If you feel up to it, try a light jog too. The more movement the better!

5. Meditation

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It’s good to work out your mind as well as your body at all times, but especially when you are on your period. Getting in to the swing of meditation can improve your mood ten-fold on a day when you might be experiencing some unwanted mood swings. Practising mindfulness for around 15-30 minutes per day can make a huge difference to your emotional health, and when you are calm, your cramps don’t feel as intense.

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