7 Ways to Crank up Your Cardio and Lose Weight ...


Are you looking for ways to crank up your cardio and lose weight? If you're bored, tired and hesitate to exercise from day to day, then you need to improve your workouts. If you are stuck in a plateau, failing to see the results you are working for, you need to amplify your workouts to the next level. As your certified trainer and weight loss specialist, here are the ways to crank up your cardio and lose weight:

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Interval Training

Interval training is a great way to crank up your cardio to lose weight. To perform intervals at an optimal level, begin by walking or jogging slowly, then running at a faster pace or speed walking. You should alternate between one minute of easy activity and three minutes where you push harder. If you push yourself in intervals, this is an excellent way to crank up your cardio and see great weight loss results.


Higher Intensity Training

Want to give it your all in your workout for short bursts and feel the burn? Then try higher intensity training because this is a way to push yourself to maximum fitness. Higher intensity training can be performed by doing jump squats, jump lunges or any other effective exercise, and then you can take a short rest. This form of training will boost your metabolism for hours after.


Add More Fitness

Are you exercising for three days a week and looking to increase your cardio? Increase your cardio by adding an extra day, because this will put you at a higher caloric expenditure for the week and help you to lose weight while giving a boost in your cardio duration!


Do a Double Workout

Want to increase your metabolism throughout the day and even at night? Then add a double workout once a week. If you exercise in the morning, you will get your metabolism revved and then perform a short 20 minute fitness session at night, to amplify your metabolic rate. So get moving to great results!


Switch up Your Workouts

Tired of the same old workout and ready for a change? Switch up your workouts by trying something new one to two days a week. If you change up your exercise occasionally you will see greater results and feel stronger. You could also head to a Bootcamp class or strength training class that offers this variety to help guide you and crank up your weight loss!


Set an Exercise Schedule

There is nothing like having a workout schedule to keep you on track to work towards your goals. Create a fitness plan for you to conquer each day, and make this plan nonnegotiable, just like a doctor’s appointment. Creating a schedule is a super way to crank up your workouts to lose weight and feel great! Make sure to also track your food, as this is an integral part of achieving great results.


Register for a Fitness Event

Look for a local race to register for so that you can begin training and crank your workouts to the next level. If you are a runner, there is nothing like training for a half or full marathon, and you will lose weight in the process of just training. This is one of the best ways to bring your fitness level to the next notch.

Now that you have some ideas of how to crank up your workouts, are you ready for the challenge? Take your fitness step by step to achieve amazing results in your health and fitness.

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