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What are the ways to get motivated after gaining weight? After several holiday events, vacations or evenings out on the town, the scale is up and you are feeling a lack of motivation. How do you pick yourself up to get going so that you can lose weight and feel great? As a certified trainer, I help people do just this on a daily basis. And in my personal life, I go through the very same struggles. That is why I can give you my tips through both personal and professional experience. So here are the ways to get motivated after gaining weight:

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Write out a Schedule

If you have noticed the scale go up instead of down and you are not sure why, you should be creating a workout schedule. Once you have a schedule written down, it will be tough to blow off your workouts for an evening out or to skip a session because you are tired. Studies show the people that show the most success in fitness follow nonnegotiable schedules, so writing a schedule tops the ways to get motivated after gaining weight!


Revamp Eating

Reassess your diet and switch it up to lose weight. Maybe you are tired of eating the same salad each day or you need an alternative to your morning shake. To get motivated to lose weight, you should restructure your eating to include a balanced diet that is healthy and tastes great!


Experiment with New Recipes

To get motivated again to lose weight, try new healthy recipes. By experimenting with new recipes you may find yourself enjoying foods you never even liked before. And enjoying these recipes will make you enjoy healthy meals without feeling like you are deprived because of dieting. This is a great way to jump start your motivation to lose weight!


Sign up for a Fitness Event

To take your mind off the number on the scale, sign up for a fitness event. Maybe you always wanted to run a race, do an obstacle course or some other challenge. Then sign up for a fitness event to take your mind off your weight. Through the course of your training you will lose weight and stay motivated towards your end goal of completing this fitness event!


Diversify Your Workouts

If the scale is stuck on a number and you are up in weight, it is time to switch up your workouts. Try something new and change up your current routine. This is a great way to eliminate workout boredom and help you to lose weight!


Write down All You Have Accomplished

Stop feeling down and sorry for yourself because the number is up on the scale. Pick your head up and look at all you have accomplished. If you focus on your strengths and all that you have gained rather than a setback, you will find yourself achieving more. So pick yourself up and work hard to achieve your goals. You are the only one that can hold yourself back from success.


Stay Positive

Stay in a positive mind frame regardless of what the number reads on the scale. We all have our ups and downs in life, but how we handle this is what determines our future. So stay positive, eat healthy and work hard so you can earn amazing results. And turn that frown upside down because smiling and staying positive will help you achieve amazing results.

Now that you know the ways to pick yourself up and get motivated after the number is up on the scale, are you ready to get working? Make the easy choice of doing your best and working hard so you can achieve the results that you deserve. We all deserve greatness in life, we just have to work hard to be great!

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Hey Tara, i am a 14 year old teenager from Singapore! I have been reading your posts & I think that they are really helpful :) If you do not mind, could you give me advice on how to lose 7 Kilograms (15.4 pounds) ? I am not fat but I have access fats on my belly that I am not happy with. Could you help me please?

after getting over health issues that prevented me from losing weight in 2013, I got a trainer joined a gym started eating clean and in just six weeks I'm down 15 lbs keeping motivated can be hard but being overweight " for me " is even harder !

if it came in a pill Oprah would have bought it. only way to weight loss success is to so the work. I too just started with a trainer but the food is tough. it's tough in this hectic world we live in to eat clean most of the time.

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