7 Ways to Crank up Your Cardio and Lose Weight ...


Are you looking for ways to crank up your cardio and lose weight? If you're bored, tired and hesitate to exercise from day to day, then you need to improve your workouts. If you are stuck in a plateau, failing to see the results you are working for, you need to amplify your workouts to the next level. As your certified trainer and weight loss specialist, here are the ways to crank up your cardio and lose weight:

1. Interval Training

Interval training is a great way to crank up your cardio to lose weight. To perform intervals at an optimal level, begin by walking or jogging slowly, then running at a faster pace or speed walking. You should alternate between one minute of easy activity and three minutes where you push harder. If you push yourself in intervals, this is an excellent way to crank up your cardio and see great weight loss results.

Higher Intensity Training
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