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7 Ways to Burn the Most Calories in 15 Minutes ...

By Tara

Would you like to burn the most calories in 15 minutes? People often say they cannot find the time for fitness and as a personal trainer, business owner, writer and busy mom of three I disagree - you can always find time for fitness. I somehow find time for my own personal workouts every day and so can you. If you find your schedule is on such a time crunch, how about setting aside just 15 minutes to start and every two weeks adding 15 until you reach an hour? If you are reading this and thinking that 15 minutes will not do anything for you, you are wrong because burned calories add up. And 15 minutes of exercise is better than 15 minutes of sitting. This will help you to better your health and have more energy, so what are you waiting for? Here are the ways to burn the most calories in 15 minutes:

1 Running

On a time crunch and wondering if you should just bail on your workout today? Head out the doors for a quick 15 minute run. If you are very quick you can get in two miles and if not, no worries, but make sure you push yourself for a least a 12 minute mile so you can burn mega calories! Running is one of the best ways to burn the most calories in 15 minutes.

2 Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is a highly effective workout, burning more calories per minute than any other exercise. Not quite ready to jump rope for 15 minutes straight? No worries, until you build up your endurance, you can take short breaks and squat for 30 seconds, then start jump roping to burn the most calories!


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3 Cycling

Cycling is another highly effective workout that can burn the most calories and if you do not own an indoor cycling bike, don’t stress. You can purchase a bike to ride outdoors. After just 15 minutes of high intensity cycling you will be dripping in sweat!

4 Jumping Jacks

If you are up for the challenge, go for 15 minutes straight of jumping jacks. This effective workout will have you burning 150 calories and feeling amazing! This workout will also help to build your endurance levels while burning calories!

5 Step Ups

Step ups are a great test of your cardiovascular fitness as well as a great way to burn calories. To vary the muscles you are working, try adding hamstring curls (step up and flex leg up behind you) and quad high knees (lifting leg up high). This will help you to burn a great deal of calories in a short time while strengthening your muscles.

6 Swimming

Swimming is a highly effective exercise to work your total body and get in shape. If you have a pool in your yard and the weather is warm, time as well as convenience will certainly be on your side. Get out for a dip and get your 15 minute workout in!

7 Resistance Training

Use your bodyweight for resistance and perform squats, jump squats, jumping jacks, high knees and leg lifts for 15 minutes to get a highly effective workout in a short time. Push yourself in all exercises so you can get the most out of your workout. Remember every fitness second really does count in terms of achieving your results!

I hope these tips will help you burn the most calories in 15 minutes and will help you to get your very best workout, lose weight, as well as see great results! So tell me what is your favorite workout and why?

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