7 Brilliant Water Exercises to Try This Summer ...

By Jelena

Water exercises are the perfect way to work out your entire body without any risk of injuries. It’s fun, it’s sweat-free, stress-free and risk-free – is that a win-win situation or what? There’s plenty of summer left too, and it would be a shame to let it go to waste. After all, these are the best water exercises for summer and probably the ones you’ll want to stick to even on holidays. But here, let me do more than just talk! I’ve found a few great exercise videos I can’t wait to show you!

1 Water Exercises for Abs and Back

Does this look hard to you? Well, there’s only one way to find out – let's do it and compare notes! These water exercises look much more interesting than half of the stuff you can do in the gym and are definitely a comfier, sweat-free way to keep in shape during summer.

2 Leg and Hip Exercises

Oh, I’ve always wanted one of these foamy thingies! And will you check out how useful it is! You can work out your legs, inner thighs (very important!), your abs, your core... oh, and hips… let’s not forget about the hips! I’m telling you ladies, two or three workouts a week are bound to pay off big time and this interesting water exercise should find its place in your routine!

3 Side Abs Noodle Water Exercise

Getting rock hard abs and that sexy, flat tummy does require quite a bit of patience and hard exercise. Luckily, everything is easier to do under water and this handy short video right here is exactly what a girl needs to complete her ab workout. Give those side abs a stretch, too! It’ll do wonders for your posture and help you achieve a slimmer, more defined waist.

4 Deep Water Cardio

Burn some calories, get your blood pumping, have fun and all of it with the help of this short yet very informative video! You could do this routine to warm up and get your body ready for individual exercises or on its own, just for the sake of general well-being. What say you? Will you give it a go?

5 Fit Motivation Routine

Speaking about best exercises for summer – check out another deep water exercise routine! It’s fun, it’s dynamic, it’s challenging, it will definitely help you strengthen your core and well… that slow, sedated swim you’ll take afterwards is going to feel much better.

6 Great Noodle Exercises

If deep water routines aren’t your thing, you’ll definitely want to check out this tutorial right here. After all, it would be a shame to let a good noodle go to waste! Add these exercises to your routine and you’ll have legs, arms and abs to die for without excessive sweating which, you will agree, is a huge mood killer in hot weather.

7 Stretching

Last but not least, a set of soothing, relaxing exercises you most definitely shouldn’t speed through! These movements will help you stretch and prepare your muscles for a more intensive training, although you can definitely use them on their own, as a sort of a soothing, stress-relief therapy. I’m forwarding these to my mom – she could definitely use a bit of light yoga/tai chi stuff in her physically unchallenging life.

Will you give water exercises a go this summer? Go ahead, give them a try – I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

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