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5 Vegetables That Boost Your Performance ...

By Glenys

Exercise is necessary for overall body fitness, and muscles need healthy foods to build them up and help you maintain peak performance levels. Eating junk foods may satisfy your hunger but, they are not the permanent way to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Vegetables and fruit are an essential part of any diet. You should seek the right food combinations and varieties that ensure a correct balance of amino acids. These are a part of your nutrition that is crucial not only to muscle development, but repair.

Although various forms of exercise are beneficial to you in many respects, it is also the cause of free radicals being released into your body. Free radicals have the capacity to destroy or damage cells. However, the method by which you can combat this factor and keep peak performance is to eat foods that are high in antioxidants. Included under this label is a wide and varied choice of vegetables, five of which are as follows:

1 Spinach

This is an amazing vegetable that has been promoted through a certain cartoon character and is a performance booster. However, a common complaint from many children and adults is that they do not like spinach. This is through a variety of obscure reasons, which is a pity because it is a vegetable with an abundance of vitamins, such as C and A, that help you maintain good vision and a healthy skin tone. Spinach has a high level of potassium that makes it an extremely beneficial vegetable for people with high blood pressure. It also has the ability to help sufferers from anemia and in strengthening muscles.

2 Cabbage

Cabbage is another green vegetable that is frowned upon by many people, which is probably related to the manner it was cooked. However, whether you eat it raw, which is refreshing and crunchy or cooked, but not for too long, it is a vegetable that has many healthy benefits for you. Various opinions are expressed that cabbage is beneficial for the skin and your eyes as it is loaded with vitamin A. This vegetable contains phytonutrients that help your body in its rejection of free radicals. Cabbage is recognised as being an aid for colon prostate, lung and stomach cancers. For those with an interest in body building and performance, it is worth noting that this vegetable is full of iodine that is a requirement for the development of muscles.


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3 Broccoli

Regarded by many as a “wonder food” Broccoli has the capacity to help prevent cancer. It is a vegetable that is recommended for sufferers of heart disorders and strokes. As Broccoli is bursting with iron it is an ideal vegetable for those people with anemia and improving their performance levels. To avoid losing the nutrients in the Broccoli flowers, lightly steam or boil them, then eat them straight away.

4 Lettuce

The nutrients in lettuce are varied, being dependent on the variety of the vegetable consumed. A Romaine lettuce is regarded as one that is most healthy. This is due to it containing the vitamins A, B and C, also folic acid, chromium and manganese. If you are a big fan of salads, then you will be pleased to learn that lettuce is low in calories. This vegetable is also an excellent source of iron that helps with the formation of blood. A vital element for the brain and nerves is magnesium, which is contained in the important lettuce performance enhancer.

5 Bean Sprouts

Last but by no means least is bean sprouts, which are a versatile vegetable, help improve your health performance level and will provide you with nutrients if you need a snack between meals. Bean sprouts are abundant in vitamin C and crucially, only a handful of this vegetable can give your body 75% of its daily vitamin C needs. Your versatile and beneficial bean sprouts in addition to containing calcium, iron and potassium, also include in their content the vitamins, A, B and E.

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