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Urban Yoga She Did Yoga Where?

By Jennifer

When I go somewhere new in the world, I try to get creative with my selfies to mark the occasion, but wow, Anja Humljan (from Ljubljana, Slovenia) has me beat, for sure. She's featured in a series of photos she calls "Urban Yoga," and in each image, she's shown in a fantastically bendy yoga pose in the unlikeliest of city settings. Why, you ask? In an interview with, she explains, "I wanted to show how our bodies are part of the environment and how architecture is an extension of our bodies," Humljan said. "I got off the mat and into the city to show that we can have the same feeling from yoga in the studio when we are strolling through streets — without all the boohoo from the East that makes people skeptical." The photos are amazing! Will you pose in your hometown... or stick to yoga at the gym? Maybe a happy medium — yoga in the park?

1 Under the Overpass

Under the Overpass

3 Step It up

Step It up

4 On the Couch

On the Couch

5 Scaffolding


6 Puesto De Frutas

Puesto De Frutas

7 Plank Pose?

Plank Pose?

8 Coffee Table Pose?

Coffee Table Pose?

9 Grace


10 In the Studio

11 Fire Lane

Fire Lane

12 Everything Electrical

Everything Electrical

13 Tile Work

Tile Work

14 In the Tub?

In the Tub?

15 In the Doorway

16 Red Tape

Red Tape

17 Spiral Stairs

Want to see more? You can buy Anja's "Urban Yoga" book at

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