These Tips Will Give You the Best Butt around ...


These Tips Will Give You the Best Butt around ...
These Tips Will Give You the Best Butt around ...

The latest craze in the media is how to get a curvaceous, perky butt just like Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez. Actually this has been the desire for most women for quite some time now. There is nothing better than filling out your jeans or bikini bottom. And the good news is that the media focus is not just on stick figure models. Now the focus is on real women with curvy booties. With a curvy butt you will look better in jeans and fill out your fashionable clothes, looking sexy. To attain these curves you do not have to eat a bunch of carbs and high fat foods but you do need to choose to eat healthier. Feed your body the right way to have the best butt around. And there are so many other tips I can share with you to give you the absolute best butt around. So check out these bootylicious tips:

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Increase Your Protein

If you want increase your lean muscle mass and see definition in your glutes, you should increase your lean protein. Since protein is the building block of cells it is essential for growth. Eat more eggs, chicken or fish as you also increase your exercise to build lean, sexy muscle in your glutes, then go rock that bikini bottom!


Perform Squats and Lunges

Target your lower half and work your booty with lunges and squats. These exercises will work multiple muscle groups of your lower body, particularly your glutes. Aim for 3 sets of 18 for 2-3 days of week to see ultimate beautiful booty results. Perform each exercise slowly to make the most out of your workout!


Take the Stairs

Avoid the elevator and take the stairs to work your glutes and see ultimate booty blasting results. As you walk up the stair engage your glutes with each step and work your booty to the core. If you want results you just have to always do more!


Engage Those Glutes

Take some time throughout the day to tighten and engage your glutes to feel the burn and work those muscles. By tightening the muscles, you will teach the muscles to stay contracted and begin to see booty-ful results!


Increase the Cardio

If you want to achieve the best booty results increase your cardio exercise and you will get leaner. As you perform targeted exercises you will see the best booty results and be amazed!


Wear Clothes That Flatter Your Rear

Go on a booty shaping shopping spree to select jeans that flatter your rear, booty lifting bikini bottoms and leggings that love your booty by lifting it. Wearing the right clothes can change the appearance of your booty and also show off your hard work of working out and eating right!


Get to Bed Sleepy Head

If you are putting in all the time and energy exercising it is time to make this work count by getting to bed to re-energize your body and mind. Ample sleep will help your body to recover and you will see your results come together this way. So get to bed sleepy head, then get up tomorrow and reshape your booty with these effective tips!


Leg Lift

While it's a strenuous workout, it only takes a few minutes and you'll definitely reap the rewards. If you lie flat on your back, lift one leg in the air. Keep your arms and hands flat on the floor and then raise your pelvis in the air. Try to hold it there for five seconds - repeat 10 to 15 times.



If you feel like trying a new hobby, why not do a ballet class or two? The precise movements will not only give you a toned body, but also a very alluring behind.


Oversized T Tucked into a Formfitting Skirt

Wear a super slouchy t-shirt and pair it with a formfitting short skirt, perhaps a leather one to add that extra bit of sass. This will show off the contrast and make your butt look amazing.

So are you ready to bootify your life with these helpful booty shaping tips? Then follow the tips and get ready to transform your lower half!

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I myself have a fast metabolism sometimes I love it and sometimes hate it. I struggle gaining weight so much and it's not fun. Some women are just naturally skinny, they can't help it. It's how God made them.

I agree, Truth. I'm naturally thin, and I am not a stick. I get annoyed by all the comments people make about thin women that if similar were being said about overweight women, would be considered highly offensive and insulting.

It'd be much more beneficial to stop using terms like "stick figure models" and "real curvy women" because like it or not, there are women that are naturally thin. Like it or not, there are a huge amount of models who have naturally fast metabolism, resulting in their size. Does that make them any less real because they do not have said "curves"? Of course not, so stop acting like it. "Real women" come in several shapes and sizes. Putting curves on a pedestal is the exact same as overpraising the desire to be thin. It is a two way street.

Proteins aren't the building blocks of cells, proteins are one of the chemicals but it's not just proteins

"Real women" is insinuating that skinny women are imaginary? Smh. I'm so tired of articles like this. If you're going to be all defensive over those who comment on fat people, why are you going around insulting skinny women? At least they're usually healthy.

Squats and leg lifts definitely work for me!!!

@Simply_tracie interesting! I think I'll start doing that too. Your comment seriously inspired me lol😜🌸

You either have a butt or you don't. No amount of exercise or diet is going to change that. Sure, you can gain weight and your butt will get bigger and you can tone it up a bit, but if you have a square or flat butt those things alone are not going to turn you into JLo. It's like saying you can eat your way or exercise your way to Katy Perry Breast. Not gonna happen. That's what plastic surgery is for.

Who cares.. Who wants a bubble butt anyway..

Don't be upset because girls naturally have bigger butts than boys lol! 😃😜😝😛

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