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The Wackiest Exercise Products Ever Invented ...

By A.J.

Burning fat and building muscle is all about commitment and hard work. However, it's also a ripe area for opportunistic entrepreneurs to launch some truly wacky exercise products and hope to make millions. Here we'll take a look at some of the strangest workout products ever invented.

1 Horse Riding Fitness from South Korea

Horse Riding Fitness from South KoreaWithout a doubt one of the weirdest exercise products ever created, the Ace Power horse riding contraption promised to help improve health and muscle strength through squatting and hip rotation. Unfortunately, the machine doesn't do much but use gravity to get the motion going, and it is even considered to cause repetitive stress injuries.

2 Battling Ropes

Battling RopesBattling ropes may look like a wacky product, but they have actually gathered a lot of popularity in the past few years and are seen as a practical way to work your arms, as well as your core, by doing repetitive lunges to generate power and keep the thick, heavy ropes undulating up and down.

3 Face Trainer

Face TrainerEver thought about getting your face to work out? The Face Trainer can do it for you. Essentially a mask you can wrap your entire head and neck in, the Face Trainer allegedly tones and strengthens you facial and neck muscles by making it harder for them to perform various movements. Its appearance and its claims make the Face Trainer a pretty difficult sell.

4 Ab Circle Pro

Ab Circle ProThere have been countless weird exercise gadgets created on the claim that they can help you lose belly fat and work out your abs with little or no effort. This is the case for the Ab Circle Pro, a somewhat goofy gadget. All it does is to swivel your torso around, claiming to help you lose weight with no effort whatsoever. After it was launched, the manufacturers actually got sued and had to pay more than $15 million in refunds.

5 The Speedboard

The SpeedboardThe Speedboard is basically just a treadmill without a motor that has both its ends a little elevated, using gravity to speed up and slow down. The concept is not too bad, except that, when trying to slow down, you might risk some serious injuries from falling off the contraption.

6 The Hawaii Chair

The Hawaii ChairWho needs hard work and exercise when they have the Hawaii Chair? The Hawaii Chair is the ultimate wacky contraption that reportedly tones your body without any exercise. Experts consider this rotating chair, however, to be quite dangerous for your health, since it can adversely affect your spine.

7 “Euro Plate”

“Euro Plate”The Euro Plate is a vibrating plate that is claimed to help people burn fat and increase muscle gain. Unfortunately, the vibration training facts just don't add up, and the gadget only works to a very small extent for injury rehabilitation.

8 Kangoo Jumps

Kangoo JumpsKangoo Jumps are basically a pair of boots strapped to a bouncy contraption that allows you to do plyometrics. You do get tired from using these – the effects are somewhat similar to what you get from a trampoline – but their somewhat dangerous-looking design have made a lot of people think twice before buying them.

Without a doubt, there are plenty more products like these, and I have merely scratched the surface on all the wacky exercising equipment that's sold out there. Would you buy any of these product for yourself? If so, which one? Do you know any other weird exercise products I didn't mention?


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