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7 Reasons You Should Join a Badminton Club ...

By Breton

Badminton remains one of the most popular sports in the world and the most popular racket sport in the UK, with campaigns to increase participation, providing enhanced opportunities for you to go sign up at your local badminton club. I have been lucky enough to have been involved in sport for what is approaching fifteen years, and have been a member of a badminton club for the last three years. Come along with me and see why you should jump smash aboard the badminton bandwagon.

1 Great Way to Socialize

I remember the nerves I felt when I joined a badminton club for the first time. Is there anything quite as daunting when you go along to a new environment for the first time not knowing anybody? However I remember vividly the laid-back atmosphere and the way in which the members were friendly, welcoming and made sure I felt right at home. Despite finding the net more frequently than a successful fisherman, my doubles partner kept smiling and continued to encourage me. In time you create everlasting friendships and meet some wonderful people whose company you will enjoy on and off the court.

2 Fastest Racquet Sport in the World

Many people imagine tennis or squash to be the fastest racquet sport in the world. However if you are lucky enough to view the elite of badminton close-up, you will soon realise that a shuttlecock can travel at remarkable speeds which eclipse the two sports I mentioned previously. The fastest recorded smash in badminton is a mind-boggling 414 kilometres an hour which reflects the breathtaking speed and incredible reflexes that the cream of the crop must possess. Prepare to be amazed.

3 Low Costs

Treat yourself to a racket and you are well on the way to becoming an all-court demon. Your club will provide shuttlecocks on a weekly basis as well as ensuring the courts are booked on a specific day for club use only. In time you can even treat yourself to a pair of badminton-purpose trainers. Add on top your membership/playing fees and you will still be engaging in an activity far more accessible than other sports such as golf or tennis.

4 Variety of Options Available

Most badminton clubs cater for all types of players. It often does not matter about your standard of play. What matters is that you enjoy playing and most clubs will give you the chance to join on a casual basis or as a player who would like to be considered for selection in competitive matches against other badminton clubs. Choice is everything in sport and badminton is one of the most accessible sports out there.

5 Improve Many Aspects of Your Fitness

Badminton is a sport which is extremely demanding on the body, but playing on a regular basis will test and improve many components of your fitness. Dramatic changes in direction require you to be extremely agile and the dynamic movement patterns associated with the sport will develop your explosive strength and power. The unpredictable flight of the shuttle and the long, gruelling rallies will improve your physical condition in no time.

6 Something to Look Forward to at the Start of the Week

Most of us wake up from the weekend to the dreaded tones of the Monday morning blues. However it is so satisfying when you check your calendar and see the words ‘badminton club night’ pencilled in. Isn’t it such a wonderful feeling when you have a regular place or club to attend which puts you in a fabulous mood? In no time at all you will have developed friendships with fellow members and feel your game starting to improve. Before you know it, you will be telling everyone at work that club night cannot come round soon enough.

7 It’s Enjoyable

Playing badminton is a pleasurable experience. I cannot help but smile when I am involved in a rally that is destined not to end. Whilst off-court you will have ample time to laugh and joke with fellow members. So what are you waiting for?

To sum it up, joining a badminton club will give you happiness and satisfaction. Step onto court and go and have some fun. I can guarantee that you will have a smashing time. What type of club do you recommend others should join?

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