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11 Reasons Why You Should Learn How to Fight and Handle Yourself ...

By Shannon

There are many reasons why you should learn how to fight. Learning some basic fighting skills will teach you how to handle yourself should the need arise. I try to live a peaceful life but do not want to make it easy for anyone to get an upper hand on me, and neither should you. Below are eleven reasons why you should learn how to fight.

1 Learn to Defend Yourself

Learning how to fight is the best way to prepare your body and mind to defend itself in an effective and organized way. Imagine with me, if you will, the scene from ENOUGH when Jennifer Lopez’s character kicks her abusive husband’s butt. Could she have done that without fight lessons? Maybe, but she certainly did an exquisite job of it because of them. Learning how to defend yourself in any situation is one reason why you should learn how to fight.

2 Build Confidence

Confidence is another of the great things you develop from learning to how fight. Your lessons will teach you how to calm your mind and still your nerves. You will develop self-assurance and a feeling of solidity. Knowing how to fight well or assess your opponent lessens the anxiety about defending yourself. Learning how to fight also helps you feel confident in your abilities and get things done.

3 Build Strength

When you start your fight lessons you will use muscles you probably didn’t even know you had! When I learned to lift weights a certain way, I felt a strength and tightness in the area right behind my shoulder. It was amazing! Learning how to fight incorporates repetition and strength training. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Capoeira are beautiful styles to watch but each requires great strength and flexibility to balance and counterbalance the opponent.

4 Build Character

As your confidence grows and your skills develop, your character improves. Aware of the changes happening with your body you become more sensitive to the damage you could cause other people. You also become more sensitive to those without your same abilities. You will exude confidence and develop an encouraging manner.

5 Sharpen Your Mind

The rigors of fight lessons train your mind and body to understand and anticipate movement around you. Your range of vision broadens and you become more aware of your surroundings. Sounds and people have new dimensions as you become more aware of your environment. You pay closer attention to the finer details and better understand their scope and implications on your space. An ever sharper mind is a great skill for the workplace!

6 Learn Discipline

Training sessions are a great idea. Go to a regular training session. Learn the steps, and increase complexity and strength along the way. But miss a day and you will feel it on the next session. Ouch! You will also learn how to find a menu that is nutritious and beneficial to your workout regime. Fight lessons are a great way to learn discipline.

7 Inspire Other Women

I admire women who are unafraid to speak their minds in a skilled and tactful way. I think we rock! I also think we still have a few things to learn about communication; everyone does. Inspiration comes from places you least expect it. While you are developing your skills involve friends and family members. Encourage them to take training lessons or to develop a skill interest of their own.

8 Become a Teacher

Defense techniques are something I learned pretty early. They weren’t organized but they helped me to not feel afraid when walking about. In turn, I teach my daughter as much as I can, when appropriate. If you have a shy family member or friend who could benefit from similar lessons then teach them. You may not be a master but you have the tools that can help them get started.

9 Great Workout

Regular exercise is great for your health, obviously! Thirty minutes of cardio will help keep your heart healthy. Getting into a training routine is an easy way to also get in a great workout! Your fight routine will make you a sweaty, tired, strong mess every time. But you will feel great about yourself! This is a clever way to learn a skill and get in a great cardio session at the same time.

10 Relieve Stress

My day is full, every day. By 4pm I need an outlet for the energy, stress, and emotions of the day; a way to escape the daily grind! If you experience a particularly stressful day you will definitely benefit from a great fight training session. Establishing a fight lesson routine, after work or on the weekend, will give you a stress relieving outlet to look forward to. Kick some virtual butt at the gym then head home to a hot shower.

11 Express Yourself

Having an outlet for your self-expression is fabulous! Who doesn’t want to blow off steam or air out an idea! Self-expression allows you an outlet for all your creativity or need to release physical aggression! I still haven’t found the perfect venue for myself, yet, but it’s in the works. Painting is a nice, mellow method of expression. However, if you are aggressive and high energy like me, then taking engaging fight lessons is a great option for you.

Your personal space is yours! Period. No one has the right to infringe on that. Have you taken fight lessons? Do you have tips not listed here? Please, share!

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