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Although the media constantly inundates people with images of skinny women and makes it seem as if skinny is beautiful, there are many good reasons to shift your focus to being strong instead of skinny. If you have been trying to lose weight to become skinny so you can fit into your skinny jeans, it is time to get a new goal. Instead of trying to become skinny, focus your energy on becoming strong. There are so many more positive things about being strong instead of skinny, not the least of which is having strong, defined muscles.

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Defined Muscles

If you are only concentrated on being skinny, you might miss out on gaining defined muscles. Defined muscles tone your body and look great. They also are a visual representation of how physically fit your body is, and who doesn’t want to be in great shape? To get toned muscles, you need to focus your attention on being strong instead of skinny.


Strong Bones

While you can’t see your bones, they are a crucial part of your anatomy that supports your entire body. It is important to keep your bones strong and healthy. However, if you are trying to lose weight to become skinny, you put yourself at risk of losing bone density. Losing weight rapidly can result in a loss of bone density, which is not a good thing. Conversely, if you are trying to build strength, you can actually improve bone density. Strength training is a proven way to help your bones stay strong!


Toned Abs

Being skinny does not necessarily mean you will have a tight, toned tummy. It is very possible to be skinny and still have a jiggly tummy. The only way to have toned abs is to build strength, which requires focusing your attention on strength, not size.


To achieve those sculpted abs, engage in exercises that target your core muscles like planks, crunches, and pilates. Consistency is key—you'll need to maintain a routine to see results. It's not just about the workouts, though; proper nutrition plays a significant role as well. Make sure to fuel your body with foods that aid muscle growth and repair, such as lean proteins and complex carbs. Remember, strong is the new skinny, and it's about how you feel, not just how you look.


More Energy

Dieting and counting calories can quickly sap your energy. However, eating healthy and getting strong will actually boost your energy. Healthy foods give you the nutrients you need to fuel your body, and strong muscles help propel you through your day.



If you don’t have a lot of strength, you may find yourself asking for help to lift things. Without strong muscles it is very difficult to carry 25 pound bags of pet food or move furniture around your house. However, if you have strong muscles, you can do a lot more for yourself, which will help you feel like a strong, independent person.


Look Healthier

Being skinny does not necessarily ensure that you will look healthy. If you are trying to lose weight by cutting calories, you may not be getting all of the nutrients you need to look your best. Yet, if you shift your energy to becoming strong, you will need to fuel your body with healthy food to build strength and help you feel and look your best.


Healthier Outlook

Not only will you look healthier, but you will also have a healthier outlook if you stop focusing on being skinny. Instead of focusing on your body image, you will be focusing on feeling strong and powerful and becoming physically fit.

When you turn on the TV or look in a magazine, you are guaranteed to see images of skinny women. However, being skinny is not what is important. It is more important that you feel your best. Therefore, instead of thinking about being skinny, you should try to become strong so you can be healthy and accomplish whatever else you may dream of. How are you going to try to shift your focus to becoming strong?

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I definitely think strong and slim instead of skinny. I was 65kg a few months back and used to be 55kg a while back.. Would love to slim down to that weight.. Slowly getting there :) I'm always going to have big legs and a big butt, because I'm curvy and petite! Strong for life 😊

I agree... However it's hard for my mind not to think skinny.. I use to weigh 400 pounds and after losing 200 pounds and I see my beauty bones, now I have 50 more pounds to go.

Wow Sasa! Well done !!!!

I absolutly agree!

Thats awesome Sasa!! Congrats on your weight loss that's awesome 👏☺️

I love this !!!! Strong is the new skinny

This changed my whole mind set! Thank you

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