Awesome Tips to Cleaning up after a Workout when You Don't Have Time to Shower ...

By Eliza

Kudos for using your lunch break to fit in a workout! But what to do if you don’t have time to shower or there isn’t a handy shower for you to use? You can still refresh and head back to the office without stinking up the place. Use these handy tips for cleaning up and you’ll be good to go. These tips are great for anytime you can’t find running water or are short on time. The people around you will definitely thank you for trying one or all of them!

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Use Facial Pads to Cleanse and Refresh

Got sweat pouring down your face after a workout? Then you definitely want to clean up to prevent stink and breakouts on your skin. Experts suggest swiping your face with a cleansing pad. This removes sweat and bacteria, leaving your skin clean and fresh. You can find facial pads for all sorts of skin types so choose the one that works best for you and carry a few in your gym bag for quick cleanups anywhere.


Try a No-Rinse Body Foam

This product is similar to hand sanitizer, but is designed to use all over your body. Remove your workout clothing and rub the foam all over your body to remove sweat, grime and bacteria. Not only will this help you feel clean before getting dressed, but it will also prevent you from stinking and will keep body acne at bay. Perfect!


Try a Baby Wipe Bath

When all else fails, baby wipes can be your true lifesaver. They have just a bit of soap and are often scented. Use baby wipes to scrub your sweaty zones, such as armpits and groin. They’ll give you a quick cleanse, a fresh smell and won’t dry out or irritate your skin. Baby wipes are easy to come by so this option is always a good one after a workout.


Apply Dry Shampoo to Your Hair

Dry shampoo is a miracle! It works by absorbing moisture and oil from your strands, giving you a clean and lush look in no time. This is the ideal product if you have to go somewhere after your gym session, but don’t have the chance to hop in the shower. It will clean, refresh and give you the lift and volume you crave.


Use a Facial Brush

No access to water and cleanser after your workout? Carry a facial brush and it will never be a problem. Many of them have a setting with a post workout cleanse in mind. Simply use the brush to slough away germs, bacteria, sweat and products so that you have a fresh face for the rest of the day. These brushes are easy to use and will give you the best clean possible when you are out and about.

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The Hand Dryer and Some Perfume Work in a Pinch

All sweaty, but there’s a line for the shower? I hate it when that happens. First, change out of your sweaty, stinky clothes. Then blast your body and hair with the hand dryer in the gym locker room. Sweat doesn’t smell as strong and stinky when it’s dry. Then apply fresh deodorant and body spray or perfume to freshen things up. Put on clean clothes and you’re good to go.


Prepare before Your Workout

If you’re pretty sure you won’t be able to shower after your workout, take some steps beforehand. Experts suggest misting your entire body with essential oils mixed with rose water. They’ll counteract body odor and help you feel fresh. Spritz on a bit more after your workout too. You might also try a natural salt deodorant, which helps cut down on BO during and after a workout.

What’s your go-to way to get clean after a workout?

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