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Super Effective Ways to Bust Belly Fat for Girls Who Need It Now

By Tara

Are you tired of the excess fat around your waist and ready to combat this? Do you find yourself always pulling your pants up high to tuck the fat in? Well, get up, get moving and follow my tips so I can help you to make a change. You only have one life, one body and once chance, so make a change starting today! Why? You deserve to achieve greatness!

1 Cardio

To lose weight around your midsection, it is important to burn some mega calories with cardio. Get your heart rate up and increase your circulation by jumping ropes, jumping jacks and jogging in place. Feel the burn as you shed the fat and bust that gut to the curb!

2 Healthy Eating

Simple changes in your diet, like eliminating carbs late at night, increasing your protein and increasing your veggies, can also help you to shed stomach fat. Remember, small changes in your diet add up so don’t think it has to be all or nothing. Life in moderation makes a vast difference.

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3 Ab Exercises

Crunches, planks, jackknifes and the vast array of exercises are great for strengthening your abdominal muscles, but make sure this is combined with healthy eating choices. If you do both, you can certainly not go wrong. You will get in better shape and also just feel better about yourself. And hide that tummy no more!

4 Key Metabolic Boosting Exercises

One leg dead lift is one of the key metabolic boosting exercises that will not only work your larger muscle groups but also boost your metabolism. And in turn, this will help you to bust that gut and feel super confident. Sometimes just feeling your clothes fit better can bring your confidence to a whole new level.

5 Plyometrics

Plyometrics like the jump squat can boost your metabolism and also target your midsection. So if you are sporting a loose middle, whittle your middle with some plyos. Plyos can be the answer to your midsection troubles but only if you work your body strong!

6 Lemon Water

Simple changes like drinking lemon water can help to reduce bloating due to sodium or even climate changes. Some people find themselves bloating when it is warmer out, but this is no reason to just accept this. So grab a glass of lemon water and toast to a healthier, happier and leaner you!

7 Resistance Exercises

Lifting light weights and bodyweight exercises can help to tone your overall body and build muscle. Since lean muscle is metabolically active, this can rev your metabolism and help you to bust that gut! Yahoo, for simple changes that can make a big difference! So grab some weights and get that body moving!

Are you ready to bust that gut and regain your confidence? Then follow my tips and make some healthy changes in your life!

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