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As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, why not get a head start by getting one of these healthy Valentine’s day gift ideas I have for you. Valentine’s Day is indelibly associated with chocolates and sweets which all may taste great, but if the receiver is into fitness and health, then why not show how much you know them by getting a healthy gift. There are endless healthy and thoughtful gifts you can get to show how much you know that special someone. Here's my list of healthy Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

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The Fit Bit

The fit bit, a personal fitness tracking device is like having a personal trainer in your pocket. Take this information with belief because this is coming from a personal trainer. This device is great to track your steps, calories burned and even the times that you are most active. This is one of the best healthy Valentine ’s Day gift ideas because it is a great resource for fitness lover to track their activity.


Register for a Race Together

If your sweetheart is into fitness, why not register for a running race or adventure race to run and experience together. You can make this part of a weekend of fitness together. Be sure to make it a gift by wrapping the registration voucher and a poem to warm your valentine’s heart in a box. These are the healthy memories that will last forever!


An Active Vacation

Why not head to a resort to pour your heart out to your sweetheart while you enjoying fitness activities? Celebrate your Valentine ’s Day with the gift of health by experiencing an active resort together. I love the Crystal Springs Resorts in Vernon, NJ because it is just amazing and filled with many activities and adventures to enjoy together. This is a great way to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”


A Gym Membership

If your partner has been thinking about joining a gym, why not surprise him or her and give them the gift of a gym membership. If you are short on funds you can register for a month or two and it will surely be a gift appreciated. Invest in the health of your honey because they are worth it!


Personal Trainer for a Month

One of the best gifts I received when I was just 17 was a personal trainer for a month. I recall meeting with this trainer two days a week and seeing incredible results. Now having been a trainer for over a decade, I am able to give my clients the same knowledge and motivation. This gift is a bit pricey so if you are low on funds this is not the path to go, but if you can afford this gift of health, it is a great idea that will surely be appreciated!


Fitness Equipment

A yoga mat, a new set of weights, resistance bands or even jump ropes are all great fitness equipment that will brighten up your sweetheart’s Valentine’s day, especially when paired with a single rose and a kiss. This will show your support of their healthy lifestyle and they will love you even more for this!


Ice Skating and a Healthy Dinner

As the final idea, ice skating and a healthy dinner tops my tips. Why not go for a sashimi sushi dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day and if you're a guy, to end the night, give her a charm bracelet with an ice skate charm on it to begin your active memories together. This is a great way to share an active lifestyle together!

Hope you have a happy and healthy Valentine’s Day with these great ideas. How will you spend your Valentine’s Day?

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