7 Valentine's Day Fitness Workouts You Can do with Your Partner ...


7 Valentine's Day Fitness Workouts You Can do with Your Partner ...
7 Valentine's Day Fitness Workouts You Can do with Your Partner ...

For Valentine’s Day, here are some workouts to do with your partner that will make you sweat, feel great and burn off some energy as well as calories. Love needs to be nurtured and needs attention, so why not give extra this Valentine’s Day? Love needs your time, effort and passion, so why not give this in a workout together? And love is even better in good health, so take your relationship to the next level by showing your love this Valentine’s Day with my workouts to do with your partner!

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Mini Triathlon

Start your day by heading to the gym to do a light swim together, then head to the gym or outdoors for a short 10 mile bike ride, and finish with a light 2 mile run. A couple that works out together has better chemistry, energy and better health, so try a mini triathalon as this is one of my favorite workouts to do with your partner!


Bootcamp Workout

Create a great Valentine’s Bootcamp style workout with kissing jumping jacks (at the end of every 20, kiss), squat holds (while holding hands) and finish with a 2 mile run. Okay, this may be a little cheesy but who cares? Enjoy one another and seize the day, because life is what you make of it!



Head to the nearest bowling alley to test your skills and get a workout in with your sweetie. If you are not up for leaving your home, test your bowling skills in a Wii fit game of bowling. Even though this is not ultra-strenuous, it is light exercise that you can enjoy together for Valentine’s Day!


Swing Dancing

Head to a swing dancing club and get your groove on with your sweetheart. Swing dancing is a great workout where you will learn many new moves while bonding with your partner. So have fun and get to know each other better through your dancing chemistry together. If he or she has two left feet, do not ditch them! They may just be nervous or maybe not a dancer at all, but the effort is all that counts!


Hot Yoga

Head to a local yoga studio and try out hot yoga together for Valentine’s Day. Trying out something new is always good for relationships and when sweat is involved as a trainer, I am always for it. So go get your workout in and have a great time as a couple!


Just Dance

If you have a video game console, pick up “Just Dance” and dance with your Valentine, shake your hips and have fun while getting a great workout in together. This is great for those looking to enjoy an evening at home. Just do not get too competitive; it is more about enjoying these moments together than a battle of moves, so go ahead and just dance!


Twister Marathon

Play a fun game of Twister together to get a little closer while having fun. Use your Twister poses as a great stretch and have a blast together. Twister is a great game for couples to play because you have to hold some close moves. Have fun twisting the night away and have a happy and healthy Valentine’s Day!

Hope you have enjoyed my Valentine’s Day workouts that you can do with your sweetheart. What are your Valentine’s Day plans this year? Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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