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There are many reasons to do Pilates - whether at home or in a studio with machines. They are a fantastic form of exercise for your mind, body and overall strength. Also, for me, they never get boring! I completely get in the zone with Pilates. Next time you’re looking for a new workout or way to get fit, give Pilates a try. Read on for the reasons to do Pilates!

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One of the first reasons to do Pilates is for the flexibility you’ll gain. Especially with a reformer machine, Pilates test your bods stretch and pull, and are a fantastic way to increase overall flexibility. For this reason, I think Pilates are also a fantastic addition to any other type of sport or fitness, helping reduce injuries and keep your body ready!



Pilates are strengthening - and in a way that weights can’t give you. With Pilates, you use your own body weight for the strength-building, which I like. It guarantees that you’ll build strong, lean muscle vs. bulky muscle. And Pilates build strength quickly - setting your body up for exactly the push it needs to break through to a new level. I love having strength because I feel super in control of my body when I feel strong! Klutziness? Goodbye!



The key to building a tight core is lengthening exercises like Pilates. A tight core is also a great setup for other forms of exercise, like surfing, running or even horseback riding. With Pilates moves, you’ll test your core in ways you probably never have! Everyone’s body is different, though, once that mid-section is strong, the rest of your body will usually follow!



Pilates are interesting, because they’re a workout, yet they also feel like a stretch. With Pilates, its like the pre-stretch is done mid-workout. (Though you should always stretch beforehand as well!) Stretching your body now and then is good for your bones, your muscles and your overall well-being! Stretching while toning? So relaxing!



Pilates are a great de-stressing exercise to free your mind. When you try Pilates, really focus on your rhythmic breathing and getting into your zone. If practicing at home, put some peaceful music on or workout in silence. You can even think of a mantra or affirmation before each session to help you power through. Reap the total mind-body benefits of Pilates!



Pilates are great because they’re a super minimal exercise. You can essentially do mat Pilates anywhere - all you need is a mat (or a clean, soft surface), comfy clothing and your bare feet. Traveling a lot? Make your hotel room your workout space! It’s nice knowing that you have something in your back pocket for when you’re going to be away from home.


Super Fit

Workouts like Pilates tend to make you feel super fit! I love them for this reason. No matter how much I may run or surf or spend time in a gym, the feeling I get from Pilates classes is a whole new sense of all-body strength! Maybe it’s the feeling of working against your own body weight, but something about them is super toning and calming, yet tough!

So next time you’re looking for something new, give Pilates a try. They give you that long, lean and balanced feeling in life you want! Check out a nearby studio, or search for exercises you can do at home online. Just keep it safe! Have you tried Pilates... will you now?

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this looks like ot would help stomach fat

This sounds like it is worth trying!!!

I'll give it a try!

Could anyone comment some links to youtube videos that involve pilates? Much apprieciated :D x

I might try this as well :D

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