Got Any Tips on Weight Loss? the Winner Gets 100


Fellow AllWomenStalkers,

Summer is at its highest, but many of us are still working on shedding a few pounds ( I know I am!!!).

If you have great tips on weight loss or exercise, or if you simply know great motivational quotes that can make a workout tolerable, please, do not hesitate to enter this weekly "GOT ANY TIPS?" contest!

All you need to do is:

• Submit your weight loss related post through the Community Page at by clicking on Add Your Post button in the upper right corner (if you are not yet registered with AWS, you should do so first)

• Include Hashtag "gotanytips100"

‌‌• Wait Till Saturday Night to Find out Who the Talented Winner is!

The article that gets the most likes within 3 days after its publication will win $100!

The articles are accepted from Monday through Wednesday noon, with the winner announced on Saturday night - do not forget to check the AWS Home Page for the announcement!

Good luck to you all and can not wait to see your amazing advice!

Always yours,
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Olga Kaushan

PS: For any questions, ladies, do not hesitate to email me directly at Always a treat to hear from you!

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It's all women's talk..

So we post where it says 'add your article' on the upper right corner?

Lol...such a debate;)

This is a very risky contest. Without proper guidance and medical advice, many weight loss methods can be extremely dangerous, leading to malnutrition, eating disorders and even death. As a person who is struggling through recovery from an eating disorder, I found this contest to be very triggering and offensive. It would be much more appropriate to focus on all around health and happiness, and living a healthier lifestyle, rather than a number on a scale.

I thought it was all woman's talk

It's always been All Women Stalk, I know it sounds weird but that's just how it is!

Who won the $100?!?!


Eat real food. It's really simple, don't eat processed foods. If you make nutrient dense low calorie meals you will naturally feel full and your cravings will be satiated. If you continue to eat fake goods high in refined carbs you will gain weight or maintain it because although you will feel full you will not be satisfied so you will continue to reach for other foods that you think you are craving. For most people these are foods such as potato chips, and sweets. Obviously this will not help with weight loss. Remember: there is a HUGE difference between butter and olive oil, there is a HUGE difference between white flour and almond flour, between white bread and sprouted whole wheat bread. Also remember that you eat will is your eating style not your diet. Have a healthy eating style not a restrictive diet.

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