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Getting Fit with Your BFF X Tips for Losing Weight Not Friendships ...

By Valencia

Summer is right around the corner, and if you haven't already, now's the time to get fit and ready for bikini season. But you don't have to get fit alone. Whether you need to drop five or 10 pounds, or you simply want to tone up, the journey can be easier if you set weight loss goals with your best friend. Here are seven tips for getting fit with your BFF.

1 Shop and Prep Meals Together

Losing weight and getting fit is an uphill battle, and there's going to be temptations. To stay on track, you and your friend can shop and prep weekly meals together. It's much easier to stay on track and support each other if you're roommates, but even if you live separately, you can be each other's support system.

2 Give in a Little

If you lose weight with your BFF, sometimes you have to give in and compromise. You want to support each other, so rather than suggest all the fitness plans for the day, consider what your friend wants to do. Maybe you prefer fun exercises like dancing or bike riding, yet your friend wants to go swimming or hiking.


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3 Avoid the Green Eyed-monster

We all lose weight and get fit at different rates. So if your friend makes faster progress, don't feel jealous or angry. There's a good chance your friend has a faster metabolism than you, or some bad habits might be slowing down your weight loss, such as waiting too long between meals or drinking too many sugary beverages.

4 Don't Sabotage

For both of you to hit your fitness and weight loss goals, you need to stick together. For that matter, don't sabotage your fitness goals, or your friend's goals. It's okay to have the occasional treat, but if you're always suggesting a cheat day, or if you're tempting your friend with foods she doesn't want to eat, it'll take longer for both of you to hit your target weight.

5 Avoid Bragging

Then again, you might be the one losing weight faster. If so, don't brag or always talk about your progress. The objective is losing weight together, not losing your friendship. If you're constantly rubbing in your progress, your friend might seek another fitness buddy.

6 Give a Little Tough Love

If your friend isn't losing weight fast enough, she might give herself a pity party or consider giving up. Give support and encourage her to continue toward her goal. And depending on the situation, you might need to give a little tough love. Let her know that some people lose weight at different rates, and she'll only hit her fitness goal if she sticks with the plan.

7 Know when to Break Away

Although it's enjoyable to work out and get fit with your BFF, you have to know when it's time to break away. A fitness buddy is only beneficial if she's supporting you and being positive. If your friend decides to give up within a few weeks, or if you feel she's sabotaging your results, you might have to do your own thing for awhile.

Losing weight can be challenging, but with the right support system you can get fit and be ready for summer. What are other tips for getting fit with your BFF?

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