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There are several reasons to start bike riding and I somehow narrowed them to seven points in this post to keep it short and simple. There seems to be a growing trend now for people to take out their bicycles as climate change becomes a serious issue faced by Mother Earth and its inhabitants. But helping conserve the environment is not the only reason why you should get out and try cycling. The benefits for your body and your physical well-being are enormous, and if you enumerate them, you would surely find more than seven reasons to start bike riding.

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Calorie Buster

In 2012, I asked my then boyfriend, "Soft drinks or me?" He had so much extra weight from going on a soft-drinks-and-sweets binge that I was afraid he would have a heart attack soon. He chose me and he knew that meant living a healthy lifestyle so we can spend more years together. Within the first three months of cycling, he lost 25 pounds - not much to some people but it was definitely a milestone for him. It became one of his reasons to start bike riding. Yes, I married him as he lived up to his word and chose to be healthy with bike riding as his way of keeping his promise.


Better Transportation Alternative

You know how traffic is in many major cities. It gives you all sorts of headaches that are totally exhausting. A friend who works for a newspaper said, "I get to work faster on my bike than driving my car. Plus, I get to burn some calories!" Two wishes I have though: (1) Bike lanes in the Philippines; (2) No parking in bike lanes here in China!


Anti-Heart Attack 'Medicine'

And you don't need to buy so many pills! My husband repeatedly tells me this line: "Aggressive cycling is the best form of exercise for your heart to strengthen the heart muscles and open up new micro-valves to circulate blood throughout your body." I see the change in him so yes, I completely agree!


An Exercise That Makes You Focus & Determined

You need to navigate your way through streets and people, so there is an absolute need to stay focused so no accidents befall you. I find cyclists to be one of the few focused groups of people in the world. They are also very determined, as they make mind maps on how they will get to their destination.


Longer Life

Coupled with a balanced diet and a positive outlook on life, there is a high probability that people who cycle will live longer. Think about developing an addiction to a form of exercise that makes you healthier and happier. Now, that's something alcohol and cigarettes can't do!


Explorer on a Saddle

You can take time to smell the air, go people watching, or notice how the neighborhood convenience store changes its layout every week. The one thing about cycling that I like is seeing people walking - some walk fast, others slow. It's a wonder how we all fit in this world with our varied quirkiness.


Bedroom Wonders

People who cycle are healthier and happier versions of their previous selves, and the benefits of this positive change are carried all the way to the bedroom. Better heart, longer stamina, more calories burned...need I write more?

Who loves bike riding? What are your reasons for bike riding?

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