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Fitness and Fashion Tips for Showing off Your Shoulders ...

By Holly

Some women are embarrassed of their shoulders for being too broad, while others just don't like to show skin at all. However, it's actually pretty easy to get shoulders you can be proud of. As long as you exercise a few times a week and follow certain fashion tips, you'll want to flaunt them all over town. Here are a few fashion and fitness tips for showing off your shoulders:

1 Do Arm Circles

You can do arm circles anywhere, and you don't even need any equipment in order to do them! As long as you have enough room to stretch your arms out to the side of you, you're good to go. Now, keep your arms at shoulder height and move them in a circular pattern. When you're done moving them in one direction, move them in the other direction. That's the entire workout!

2 Wear Thicker Straps

If you can't stand your broad shoulders, then you should avoid wearing spaghetti straps. If you stick to wearing thicker straps instead, then it will give your shoulders the illusion of being slimmer and rounder. It's an easy solution that doesn't even require exercise.

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3 Try the Seated Dumbbell Press

For this exercise, you need two dumbbells that you're going to be lifting directly over your head. Of course, you don't need to lift an insane amount of weight. Use however many pounds you're comfortable with. If you don't own the correct gym equipment, then you can even fill up some water bottles and use them as your weights instead.

4 Avoid Horizontal Lines and Puffy Sleeves

If yore afraid of your shoulders looking broad, it helps to avoid a few key things. You don't want to wear horizontal stripes, because they'll make your shoulders look wider. You don't want to wear puffy sleeves or shoulder pads either, because they'll increase the look of your shoulders. You should even avoid embellishments on your shoulders, because they can make them look too bulky.

5 Do Front Arm Raises

Here's another exercise that requires two weights. This time, instead of lifting the dumbbells over your head, you're going to be lifting them up straight in front of you. All you have to do is move your hands from your side to the font of your shoulders, so it's pretty easy to master.

6 Wear a Dark Top and Light Bottoms

If you're super self-conscious about your shoulders, try wearing a dark top with light bottoms in order to draw attention toward the lower half of your body. When all else fails, you can even grab your makeup bag and contour your shoulders. Do whatever you feel the most comfortable with.

7 Do Pull Ups

You've probably done pull ups in gym class before, so you should know how to do them. If you have a gym membership, you won't have a problem with these exercises. If you work out at home, then you should invest in a pull up bar that you can install in your house. That way, you can do pull ups whenever the mood strikes.

If you're self-conscious about your shoulders, all it takes is a little exercise and a few illusions to get a look you'll love. What exercises do you do that work your shoulders?

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