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Want to drop a dress size and get in your best shape? If you want to look in the mirror and be proud of what you see, you have to make healthy changes in your life, like eating more greens and exercising. And if you are wondering what exercises you should do, I've taken out the guesswork for you and am providing you with a few great workouts to start with. So are you ready to get started? Great, then let’s go! Here are a few of my fav fitness picks:

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Kick Yourself Slim

Punch and kick your body slim with this 30 minute cardio blast. This workout is great to help you get lean and tone up so you can drop a dress size or multiple sizes. So get into this workout so you can make the most out of every fitness moment.


Cardio Blast down a Size

Increase your weight loss potential by boxing it out with Denise in this super effective workout. If you follow these moves and really get into it, you will not only feel the burn during the workout but feel the sores afterwards too. This is a great calorie burner to help you drop a dress size and feel great!


Reshape Your Body

Through dance and many other athletic moves, fitness guru Tracy Mallett will help you get in tip top shape, lose weight and fit in a smaller dress size. This interval fat burning workout will increase your heart rate and get you get sizzling and in shape.


Dance Your Weight down

Follow Julianne Hough with some super sexy moves to sculpt and slim down. Do not be distracted by the serious fit shape that Julianne is in because in this workout you too will get in super shape and have a great time. So dance your way down a dress size and have fun!


Jump It up with Jillian

To lose weight it is going to take work with healthy eating and exercise and Jillian Michaels is no stranger to pushing her clients to achieve this. So follow along and work out with Jillian to get in your best shape! These workouts are strength, then cardio, alternating through the entire sweaty and super fitness session.


Get Funky and Fabulous

Get funky and fab so that you can slim down to lose weight and lower your body fat. Follow this workout and get into the moves as you work into your best shape. Put your hips into this workout and feel the burn! This workout will prove that burning fat is as fun as you allow it to be.


Where Have You Been

This workout brought to you by Bodyrock is ultra-intense. This is why I have listed it last for you to work up to, but all the moves in this video are great. Challenge yourself to a whole new level and try it for yourself. Remember to listen to your body and do what you can.

Complete these workouts and make healthy food choices so you are steps closer to making a health transformation in your life and dropping that dress size. Are you ready to get in your best shape?

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