7 Exercises That Will Have You Better in the Bedroom ...

Okay, so as a mom of three, I try to keep myself strong, have energy for all my life tasks and also keep the romance alive in the bedroom. To do so it is important to stay fit, strong and keep up your energy levels. Did you know that certain exercises can actually help you to be flying high rather than feeling your energy is low? So let me share with you how you can get it done, feel great and get in your best shape. Are you ready to get started? Then get moving with these effective energy boosting and strengthening exercises:

1. Tricep Dips

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Work your arms so you can keep your body up and avoid fatigue by performing tricep dips. Tricep dips will build your upper body strength and help you to work this major muscle group. So follow along as this video is described and demonstrated to help you achieve perfect form. Make sure you do not sink into your shoulders and focus on the tricep muscle you are targeting!

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