10 Exercises You Can do if You Want to Sleep Better at Night ...


10 Exercises You Can do if You Want to Sleep Better at Night ...
10 Exercises You Can do if You Want to Sleep Better at Night ...

Regular exercise will help you to sleep more soundly and feel better. One of the greatest cures for insomniacs is exercise. And to continue with restful nights it is essential to get on an exercise routine. I find this is just how I sleep happily without breaks. A day without exercise may have you tossing and turning, getting less sleep as a result. So get better sleep after doing these 7 exercises and if you find your favorite exercise is not on this list, no worries because all exercise will have you sleeping better!

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human action, person, jogging, sports, running, Running is an ultra-effective way to blast mega calories and it will knock your socks off with just how much energy you will expend. I find every run helps me to sleep like a baby and just feel more like me. Happier, healthier and more rested; so get that run in starting today!



waterfall, body of water, water, water feature, river, Remember as a child when you swam for hours leaving you wet, tired and smiling. Well get back to your roots and go for a swimming workout. Swimming is a great way to burn calories without the high impact of other exercises and you will sleep more restfully!



bicycle, vehicle, cycling, road, snapshot, As you drive on a Sunday morning you may see countless cyclists on the road and wonder what is the hype over simply peddling? Well first off, cycling is a great way to work your legs and boost your metabolism while burning plenty of energy. And you will sleep more soundly as a result!



sports, human positions, physical fitness, martial arts, arm, Meditating, yoga and even pilates can help you to relieve stress, reach your inner Zen and get to bed more happily. Go to sleep soundly with a smile because you chose to get your yoga workout in today! Life is all about choices!



human action, clothing, human positions, sports, jogging, Plyometrics, those exercises that may look like silly jumping but in reality can seriously kick your butt. This is a great way to burn a ton of calories and I promise you will finish your workout sweating, satisfied and ready to hit the hay! Sleep like a baby because you chose to get your plyometric workout in today!



footwear, rock, Fresh air, backpack on and ready to hike the sights; hiking is a great workout and the fresh air can totally knock you out. You can explore different areas, fall in love with Mother Nature and help your body and mind to sleep more soundly, because you got a great hike in!



clothing, volleyball, beach volleyball, ball over a net games, muscle, Singles or doubles, tennis is a super effective way to get in shape and get your fit on. I prefer singles but let me tell you a few hours of tennis will leave you tired and satisfied that you chose to get that match on. And by the way if you win, you will be even happier, so work your butt off and give it all you got!



human action, clothing, person, active undergarment, structure, If you're looking for something a bit more intense than yoga then gymnastics could be a perfect match for you! It's also a great exercise to help you catch those z's quicker overnight, simply because gymnastics allows you to fully stretch your body and work it into exhaustion for a good night's sleep ahead!



human action, clothing, structure, sport venue, muscle, Anyone who knows anything at all about boxing can probably guess that it requires a lot of focus, and as we all know the more you stayed focused on something, the quicker you will get tired as your body starts to feel drained and exhausted. So if you want to catch up on your beauty sleep ASAP, maybe it's time to join a boxing class in your spare time!



human action, human positions, person, clothing, sitting, Like boxing, weightlifting requires a lot of mental focus. This is because you're putting a physical strain on your body, and the more you lift the more physical pressure you may feel. At the end of the day, our bodies can only cope with so much of this pressure without feeling exhausted, so this is also a great exercise you can rely on for a night of good quality sleep!

So get your fit on so you sleep more sound and feel at your best on a daily basis!

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Walking does wonders

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