10 Exercises 💪🏼 You Can do if You Want to Sleep 😴 Better at Night 🌜 ...

Regular exercise will help you to sleep more soundly and feel better. One of the greatest cures for insomniacs is exercise. And to continue with restful nights it is essential to get on an exercise routine. I find this is just how I sleep happily without breaks. A day without exercise may have you tossing and turning, getting less sleep as a result. So get better sleep after doing these 7 exercises and if you find your favorite exercise is not on this list, no worries because all exercise will have you sleeping better!

1. Running

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Running is an ultra-effective way to blast mega calories and it will knock your socks off with just how much energy you will expend. I find every run helps me to sleep like a baby and just feel more like me. Happier, healthier and more rested; so get that run in starting today!

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