7 Exercises That Lower Stress in the Body ...


As a health enthusiast, exercise is a huge part of my life and some types of exercises that lower stress have actually saved me in more ways than one. Suffering from depression, anxiety, and even an eating disorder left me a nervous wreck a good bit of the time. Yet, I found that I didn’t just need to exercise to relieve stress in a healthy way, but I needed to also focus on more types of exercise that lower stress. The results were almost immediate, and I’ve never looked back. I gave up high intense sources of exercises years ago and my stress has never been lower. My weight has also remained stable and my bones are nice and strong. Check out my favorite types of low key exercises that lower stress. Be sure to also share any you might have with me!

1. Walking

Walking, at all speeds, is one of the best types of exercises that lower stress of all. Walking is great for your heart, your weight, and is easier on your joints than running. Plus, it's so easy and you can do it anywhere. Don’t let anyone tell you walking isn’t a great way to get fit; that’s rubbish! Walking is just as effective for maintaining or losing weight as running, and is better than running for lowering stress. Why? Although running produces endorphins that make you happy through intense activity, it also raises cortisol levels, your stress hormone. Walking actually lowers cortisol, and keeps your blood pressure and blood sugar stable at all times. I recommend walking 30-45 minutes each day either outside or on a treadmill at a moderate to fast pace. Taking an afternoon stroll is also wonderful for you!

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