7 Exercises to Lower Anxiety That You Need to Try ...


7 Exercises to Lower Anxiety That You Need to Try ...
7 Exercises to Lower Anxiety That You Need to Try ...

Many exercises to lower anxiety have been shown to be effective at helping people relax and refocus during an anxiety attack. We all know dealing with anxiety is a serious and uncomfortable thing. While there are many routes to dealing with anxiety some people have benefited from trying certain exercises. As with any issue concerning your medical health and well-being it is advised that you first speak with your doctor. If you are one of the many people who experience episodes of anxiety you will appreciate these exercises to lower anxiety.

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Guided Meditation

Have you tried guided meditation exercises to lower anxiety? This seems to really work. You can find CDs or downloadable audio that will walk you through the meditation process, helping your mind and body start to calm.


Slow Breathing

During a panic attack our most likely reaction is to breath quick and heavy. Try to focus on your breathing and slow it down. Take a deep breath in through your mouth and a long and slow breath out through your nose. Do this until you start to feel more at ease. Let us know how this technique works for you.



Visualization is another technique used to subdue anxiety. When you start to feel anxious, remove yourself from the situation, close your eyes and start to imagine a calm and relaxing place. Take in all the details of the scene you visualize including sounds and textures. Slowly your body will relax and you will start to calm down.


Muscle Relaxation

When we become anxious our muscles tense up. To relieve that tension, sit or lay down. Starting from your toes and working up your body, slowly relax each set of muscles. I usually feel pretty good about halfway through but keep going until I have relaxed my entire body.



Yoga is all about calming the spirit and strengthening the body. It is no wonder experts say it is great for anxiety. You should take up practicing yoga on a regular basis to help control your anxiety. Let us know how it’s worked out for you after a couple of weeks.



You may not have heard of Reiki. Reiki is a healing therapy that is based on the theories of mind, body, and spirit connection. The idea is you can transfer energy to heal, or in the case of anxiety, calm the body. You can learn to do this to yourself or seek the help from a Reiki instructor. If you have any experience with Reiki please share it with us.


Actual Exercise

Of course, physical exercise is always a great medicine for the body. Sometimes we need to just release the excess energy that anxiety builds up in our bodies. What better way to do that than a brisk walk, a long swim, or a couple rounds with the punching bag. What's your favorite way exercise to let go of some steam?

There are many ways to help treat anxiety outside of medication. Of course, it is always good to speak with your doctor about your anxiety. He can give you expert advice and suggestions that meet your individual needs. Regardless, good exercise is always an excellent idea and benefits your health. What are some other ways you have done to lower anxiety?

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My daughter experiences panic attacks two to three times a week. First year away at university. Reiki is a saviour. It teaches her all of these methods

Honestly, I kept the baseline of exercising even when I couldn't stop crying for most periods of the day. I have had the most success with this method teamed with a change in perspective regarding what stimulated my anxiety in the first place. Having that consistency helped facilitate positive thoughts and the 'reclaiming' of my body as my own.

Discovering reiki changed my life! I'm a practitioner now and I've found it works on people and animals and it is just as effective in person as it is doing distance reiki. Try it!

When time I #3 after a horrible event. Got me thinking of a worse one, obviously has the opposite effect on me.

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