Drop Everything and Take a Walk around the Block How Walking Affects Your Mood ...


Ever felt down in the dumps and taken a walk around the block, only to feel so much better? There’s a reason for that! Walking is beneficial for many reasons and it’s such a simple way to take better care of yourself. You can walk anywhere – your neighborhood, the office complex where you work or the park with your kids. No matter where you do it, a nice walk is going to boost your mood. Here’s why.

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It Boosts Endorphins

Exercise produces a natural high because it encourages your body to release endorphins, which are feel good hormones. Walking is no exception. Many research studies have shown that walking improves mood and can fight or treat depression in people. Add a walk to your day and you’ll start seeing the happy results in no time.


Weight Control

Walking is a great way to burn calories. When you balance this with the number of calories you eat, you can control the number on the scale. You can even drop some weight if that’s your goal. When you’re at your happy weight, you will naturally be happier and feel better about yourself and the world.


Social Time

Ever noticed how much better a walk is when you do it with someone else. Whether you’re walking your dog or strolling with the kids, you get the chance to interact with loved ones, which adds to the happy feelings that walking produces. Take a lunchtime walk with your best friend at work or an after dinner walk with your significant other. You’ll both be happier, and you can’t beat that!


It Gives You a Break

When your day gets stressful and you’re at your breaking point, stop what you’re doing and hoof it around the block a couple of times. This gives you the chance to take a few cleansing breaths and can give you the break you need to get back on track and get things done without a total meltdown.


Boosts Creativity

When I walk, I inevitably find myself coming up with new ideas for my writing work or a genius hack for getting my kids to do their homework without a fight. Research shows that walking boosts creativity and that even a short stroll can solve many of your mind’s problems. Stuck on something? Walk through it! You’ll be so happy that you did.


Saves You Money

Walking is a free form of exercise and who isn’t happier when they have cash in their pockets? If you’re looking for a great way to burn some calories and boost your mood without having to spend a dime, walking is the clear answer. You’ll be saving so much cash that you can buy yourself a really cute new pair of walking shoes. Perfect!


It Makes You Healthy

No one is happy when they don’t feel good. Walking can protect your health in many ways. In fact, research shows that it helps prevent diabetes and heart disease. Other studies have found that walking can deflect chronic pain, reduce the risk of stroke, prevent breast cancer and even get you off your medication regimen. Talk to your doctor about the benefits of walking for your health.

Do you walk? Why does it make you happy?

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I agree I love it when I can get motivated, I let life get in the way

I love walking but I don't do it as often as I should. I've read that it's the best form of exercise.

Yes walking is g

Walking is a good form of exercise I enjoy it,

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