Praiseworthy Tips to a New You in Only a Week ...

By Tara

Praiseworthy Tips to a New You in Only a Week ...

So you want to detox, lose weight and feel younger in just seven days? Well let’s get working and make some changes. Drink more water, sweat it out with a great cardio session, go for a massage and have a light lunch to see and feel the difference. You can also use a natural moisturizer that will make your skin literally glow. These small changes will help you to feel a major difference and you will feel light years younger. So check out these tips on how you can feel the transformation and see it too!

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1 Drink Lots of Water

hair, clothing, cap, hairstyle, fashion, To detox your body first go for a 30 minute workout and then drink plenty of water to replenish your lost fluids. You will rid your body of toxins and take the first step to detox, lose weight and feel younger! You will see the glow immediately!

2 Sweat It out

human action, structure, human positions, room, sport venue, Sweat it out with a workout and then head to the sauna at the gym for 15 minutes to ditch the toxins and get the radiance in your skin you have always wanted. Just make sure you push yourself so you finish your workout covered in sweat.

3 Go for a Massage

hair, face, human action, eyebrow, person, To improve blood flow in the body, go for a massage. You will feel better, have more energy and remove toxins from the body. You will look more relaxed and feel on top of the world post massage. So schedule a massage once a week and if funds are tight, head to a local massage school where you can hire a masseuse at a fraction of the cost of spas!

4 Have a Light Lunch

Have a Light Lunch Have a light lunch that consists of a mixed green salad, veggies and almond slices. To increase the nutrition add peppers and beans. You will feel less bogged down from a heavy meal, lose weight and have loads more energy. So eat healthier to feel better!

5 Enjoy a Green Shake for Dinner

Enjoy a Green Shake for Dinner Grab a handful of kale, an apple, spinach and whatever other greens you enjoy to create a green shake for dinner. To increase both fiber and protein, add a spoonful of chia seeds and flax seed. This is an easily digestible meal that will help you to detox, lose weight and feel so much better!

6 Use a Light Layer of Olive Oil on Skin

hair, clothing, girl, snapshot, lady, Since your skin is your largest organ make sure you treat it right and lather up with olive oil. This will moisturize your skin and is even said to help boost your digestive system, helping to expedite weight loss. Just make sure you eat healthy and exercise along with your moisturizing treatment!

7 Get at Least 10 Hours of Sleep a Night

Get at Least 10 Hours of Sleep a Night Get to bed nice and early so you will feel loads better and help your body to perform at its best. Aim for 10 hours of sleep for 7 consecutive days and you will help your body to detox, lose weight and perform like a champ. Sleep is one of those things you literally cannot live without and depriving yourself is never a good thing!

8 Eat More Often

human action, person, clothing, woman, lady, When losing weight it sounds counterproductive to eat more often, but by not going more than 4 hours between meals or snacks, your body maintains insulin levels which controls appetite causing you to slim down.

9 Eat Clean

food, dish, meal, breakfast, produce, When you cut out sugars and processed foods, you're going to feel better. By eating organic or whole foods, you're going to be putting essential nutrients in your body which will boost your glowing skin and help the pounds fall off.

10 Watch outside Pollutants

clothing, art, fashion, riJMma, app, It's not just about what goes in your body, it's about what goes on around your body. These pollutants can wreak havoc on your skin and body. Use a Neti Pot once a week to flush out your nasal passages, take an epsom salt bath to reduce puffiness and detox skin. It'll have you looking and feeling great in no time!

So follow these tips and watch your skin radiate, the number on the scale drop and feel younger in just a short seven days! Are you ready to transform your life? Then follow these tips!

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I like this this because a lot of tips for detox are just laughable. Be warned though, if you have a lot of muscle knots and get a massage, the toxins with be released from the muscles into your blood stream and you might feel a bit weird for a while. Still worth it though.

I love it

Great tips! Love your articles

Good article!

Get a massage once a week. I suppose this is decent advice but the advice on how to come up with that extra $4-5k seems to be missing.

Nice one water water and then some!

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