Blast Away Your Baby Weight with These 7 Tips ...

By Tara

Blast Away Your Baby Weight with These 7 Tips ...

Congratulations new mommy on your bundle of joy! Babies bring a world of light, laughter and happiness to life and can transform your life in so many beautiful ways. But you may notice some baby weight left behind so before you stress, let me share with you just how you can lose these excess pounds. With your weight loss results, you will have more energy to run around with your growing baby. So don’t fret and let me help you beautiful mommy to blast away your baby weight with these super effective seven tips!

1 Drink Lots of Lemon Water

After you have your baby you are likely feeling bloated and probably retaining excess water weight so drink plenty of water. Add lemon slices as this is a natural diuretic and can help you to get rid of the excess water weight. Drink 8-10 glasses of lemon water a day to rid the bloating away!

2 Start Your Day with a Workout

Start your day with a workout before the day gets super busy with your new arrival. If you get your workout in bright and early, you will notice your vast increase of energy to conquer the day!

3 Eat Mini Meals Throughout the Day Carried in Diaper Bag

Small mini meals throughout the day will help you to rev your metabolic rate and you will even have more energy for your new baby! If you are heading out for the day with your baby store your small snacks in your diaper bag. Choose snacks like almonds, homemade granola bars and whatever other healthy snacks you have.

4 Exercise with Your Baby

Exercise with your baby by utilizing your stroller or hitting the floor for some abdominal and leg exercises. This will help you to bond further with your baby as you are together and you will not have to worry about hiring a sitter while you exercise!

5 Work out when the Baby Sleeps

If you find it difficult to work out with your baby, get your fit on while the baby naps. I have found with all three of my children I would work out hardest when they slept because at any moment I was afraid they would awake. Time possibly not on my side made me move more effectively and quicker. So get your fit on while the baby sleeps!

6 Cut out the Carbs Late at Night

Late night carbs will cause weight gain and can e en disrupt your sleep. If you want to sleep soundly like a baby and lose the baby weight, cut out carbs late night and blast away the excess pounds! I promise giving up carbs will be way worth it!

7 Keep Track of Your Regular Fitness Routine and Calorie Consumption

To lose weight and achieve your goals of blasting away that baby weight keep track of your workouts and calories that you consume each day. This will ensure your results will be achieved in a matter of time. And you will kick that baby weight to the curb!

So blast away the baby weight, get in your best shape and live the life you deserve with your growing family and enhanced life!

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