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32 Bikini Bods Inspos to Prove That All Women Are Beautiful ...

By Jennifer

Want to know the secret to having the perfect bikini body? Step one: put on a bikini. Step two: you're done! Here are a few celebs (and a few mere mortals) to demonstrate that all women are beautiful, and we can all rock a 2-piece.

1 Kim K

clothing,swimwear,supermodel,beauty,muscle, Source: The Road To Becoming A

2 Kelly Brook

clothing,swimwear,supermodel,beauty,leg, Source: Kelly Brook shows off her

3 Cheryl Burke

clothing,swimwear,beauty,muscle,supermodel, Source: Bikini Treat: Cheryl Burke

4 Paparazzi-Ready!

clothing,swimwear,beauty,muscle,supermodel, Source: 15 Important Rules Every Celebrity

5 Athletic


6 Curvy

clothing,undergarment,lingerie,underpants,active undergarment, Source: Miss Pool - Women's Fashion

7 Ashley Graham

clothing,swimwear,supermodel,beauty,black hair, Source: Ashley Graham is the first

8 Jennifer Lawrence

clothing,swimwear,beauty,girl,leg, Source: The Butt Jennifer Lawrence Doesn't

9 Scarlett Johanssen

clothing,barechestedness,sun tanning,human positions,swimwear, Source: The Hottest Celebrity Bikini Bodies

10 That Smile!

clothing,swimwear,muscle,supermodel,leg, Source: The Ultimate Summer Swimsuit Guide

11 Oh La La!

clothing,lingerie,undergarment,swimwear,supermodel, Source: Things I Like! — bigben0374

12 Marilyn

clothing,human positions,beauty,swimwear,blond, Source: 26 Beautiful Marilyn Monroe Photos

13 Say Yes to the ... Bikini?

hair,clothing,blond,black hair,long hair, Source: Why I'm Showing The Internet

14 Julia's Smile!

clothing,swimwear,supermodel,swimmer,muscle, Source: Welcome to the Mummy Tummy

15 Candice Swanepoel

clothing,beauty,supermodel,swimwear,fashion, Source: FELLT

16 Modest, for a Bikini!

clothing,swimwear,supermodel,photo shoot,maillot, Source: Community Post: Proof Of How

17 Katie Halchishick

swimwear,clothing,beauty,supermodel,photo shoot, Source: Curve Appeal, Katie Halchishick for

18 Classic Beauty

hair,clothing,swimwear,supermodel,gravure idol, Source: Sexy Hairstyles for Curvy Women

Daniella is NOT classic beauty...

19 Jada Sezer

swimwear,clothing,photo shoot,maillot,supermodel, Source: Curve Appeal, Jada Sezer for

20 Those Abs!

clothing,swimwear,lingerie,undergarment,supermodel, Source: Instagram photo by @eidonsurf (eidonsurf)

21 Beach Ready

clothing,lingerie,undergarment,swimwear,supermodel, Source: hello, gorgeous

22 Mono-Kini

clothing,swimwear,image,person,beauty, Source: 7 Sexy Swimsuit Trends MADE

23 Tiny Dancer

clothing,undergarment,lingerie,swimwear,muscle, Source: Bronzed Nation: A DDG Moodboard

24 Curvy

clothing,swimwear,undergarment,supermodel,photo shoot, Source: Need a little motivation

25 Beach-Side Bffs

clothing,swimwear,vacation,beauty,sun tanning, Source: You've Never Seen A Swimsuit

26 Rear View

clothing,swimwear,swimsuit bottom,one piece swimsuit,maillot, Source: Swim | PLUS | Forever

27 Nadia Aboulhosn

clothing,swimwear,thigh,leg,muscle, Source: 15 Style Tips From Nadia

28 Love the Fringe!

clothing,image,woman,swimwear,girl, Source: Curve Appeal, Cleo Lima Fernandes

29 Gorgeous!

hair,clothing,swimwear,beauty,girl, Source: "♕ AFRODESIAC ETHNIC WOMEN OF

30 Feminine Florals

clothing,image,swimwear,beauty,girl, Source:

31 Power to the Curvy Girls

clothing,blond,undergarment,swimwear,long hair, Source: Posh Pua: Swimwear

32 Kim K's Encore

clothing,swimwear,photography,undergarment,lingerie, Source:

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