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32 Bikini Bods Inspos to Prove That All Women Are Beautiful ...

By Jennifer

Want to know the secret to having the perfect bikini body? Step one: put on a bikini. Step two: you're done! Here are a few celebs (and a few mere mortals) to demonstrate that all women are beautiful, and we can all rock a 2-piece.

Table of contents:

  1. Kim k
  2. Kelly brook
  3. Cheryl burke
  4. Paparazzi-ready!
  5. Athletic
  6. Curvy
  7. Ashley graham
  8. Jennifer lawrence
  9. Scarlett johanssen
  10. That smile!
  11. Oh la la!
  12. Marilyn
  13. Say yes to the ... bikini?
  14. Julia's smile!
  15. Candice swanepoel
  16. Modest, for a bikini!
  17. Katie halchishick
  18. Classic beauty
  19. Jada sezer
  20. Those abs!
  21. Beach ready
  22. Mono-kini
  23. Tiny dancer
  24. Curvy
  25. Beach-side bffs
  26. Rear view
  27. Nadia aboulhosn
  28. Love the fringe!
  29. Gorgeous!
  30. Feminine florals
  31. Power to the curvy girls
  32. Kim k's encore

1 Kim K

Source: The Road To Becoming A

2 Kelly Brook

Source: Kelly Brook shows off her

3 Cheryl Burke

Source: Bikini Treat: Cheryl Burke

4 Paparazzi-Ready!

Source: 15 Important Rules Every Celebrity

5 Athletic

6 Curvy

Source: Miss Pool - Women's Fashion

7 Ashley Graham

Source: Ashley Graham is the first

8 Jennifer Lawrence

Source: The Butt Jennifer Lawrence Doesn't

9 Scarlett Johanssen

Source: The Hottest Celebrity Bikini Bodies

10 That Smile!

Source: The Ultimate Summer Swimsuit Guide

11 Oh La La!

Source: Things I Like! — bigben0374

12 Marilyn

Source: 26 Beautiful Marilyn Monroe Photos

13 Say Yes to the ... Bikini?

Source: Why I'm Showing The Internet

14 Julia's Smile!

Source: Welcome to the Mummy Tummy

15 Candice Swanepoel

Source: FELLT

16 Modest, for a Bikini!

Source: Community Post: Proof Of How

17 Katie Halchishick

Source: Curve Appeal, Katie Halchishick for

18 Classic Beauty

Source: Sexy Hairstyles for Curvy Women

19 Jada Sezer

Source: Curve Appeal, Jada Sezer for

20 Those Abs!

Source: Instagram photo by @eidonsurf (eidonsurf)

21 Beach Ready

Source: hello, gorgeous

22 Mono-Kini

Source: 7 Sexy Swimsuit Trends MADE

23 Tiny Dancer

Source: Bronzed Nation: A DDG Moodboard

24 Curvy

Source: Need a little motivation

25 Beach-Side Bffs

Source: You've Never Seen A Swimsuit

26 Rear View

Source: Swim | PLUS | Forever

27 Nadia Aboulhosn

Source: 15 Style Tips From Nadia

28 Love the Fringe!

Source: Curve Appeal, Cleo Lima Fernandes

29 Gorgeous!


30 Feminine Florals


31 Power to the Curvy Girls

Source: Posh Pua: Swimwear

32 Kim K's Encore


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