32 Bikini Bods Inspos to Prove That All Women Are Beautiful ...


Want to know the secret to having the perfect bikini body? Step one: put on a bikini. Step two: you're done! Here are a few celebs (and a few mere mortals) to demonstrate that all women are beautiful, and we can all rock a 2-piece.

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Kim K

clothing,swimwear,supermodel,beauty,muscle, Source: The Road To Becoming A


Kelly Brook

clothing,swimwear,supermodel,beauty,leg, Source: Kelly Brook shows off her


Cheryl Burke

clothing,swimwear,beauty,muscle,supermodel, Source: Bikini Treat: Cheryl Burke



clothing,swimwear,beauty,muscle,supermodel, Source: 15 Important Rules Every Celebrity






clothing,undergarment,lingerie,underpants,active undergarment, Source: Miss Pool - Women's Fashion


Ashley Graham

clothing,swimwear,supermodel,beauty,black hair, Source: Ashley Graham is the first


Jennifer Lawrence

clothing,swimwear,beauty,girl,leg, Source: The Butt Jennifer Lawrence Doesn't


Scarlett Johanssen

clothing,barechestedness,sun tanning,human positions,swimwear, Source: The Hottest Celebrity Bikini Bodies


That Smile!

clothing,swimwear,muscle,supermodel,leg, Source: The Ultimate Summer Swimsuit Guide


Oh La La!

clothing,lingerie,undergarment,swimwear,supermodel, Source: Things I Like! — bigben0374



clothing,human positions,beauty,swimwear,blond, Source: 26 Beautiful Marilyn Monroe Photos


Say Yes to the ... Bikini?

hair,clothing,blond,black hair,long hair, Source: Why I'm Showing The Internet


Julia's Smile!

clothing,swimwear,supermodel,swimmer,muscle, Source: Welcome to the Mummy Tummy


Candice Swanepoel

clothing,beauty,supermodel,swimwear,fashion, Source: FELLT


Modest, for a Bikini!

clothing,swimwear,supermodel,photo shoot,maillot, Source: Community Post: Proof Of How


Katie Halchishick

swimwear,clothing,beauty,supermodel,photo shoot, Source: Curve Appeal, Katie Halchishick for


Classic Beauty

hair,clothing,swimwear,supermodel,gravure idol, Source: Sexy Hairstyles for Curvy Women


Jada Sezer

swimwear,clothing,photo shoot,maillot,supermodel, Source: Curve Appeal, Jada Sezer for


Those Abs!

clothing,swimwear,lingerie,undergarment,supermodel, Source: Instagram photo by @eidonsurf (eidonsurf)


Beach Ready

clothing,lingerie,undergarment,swimwear,supermodel, Source: hello, gorgeous



clothing,swimwear,image,person,beauty, Source: 7 Sexy Swimsuit Trends MADE


Tiny Dancer

clothing,undergarment,lingerie,swimwear,muscle, Source: Bronzed Nation: A DDG Moodboard



clothing,swimwear,undergarment,supermodel,photo shoot, Source: Need a little motivation


Beach-Side Bffs

clothing,swimwear,vacation,beauty,sun tanning, Source: You've Never Seen A Swimsuit


Rear View

clothing,swimwear,swimsuit bottom,one piece swimsuit,maillot, Source: Swim | PLUS | Forever


Nadia Aboulhosn

clothing,swimwear,thigh,leg,muscle, Source: 15 Style Tips From Nadia


Love the Fringe!

clothing,image,woman,swimwear,girl, Source: Curve Appeal, Cleo Lima Fernandes



hair,clothing,swimwear,beauty,girl, Source: "♕ AFRODESIAC ETHNIC WOMEN OF


Feminine Florals

clothing,image,swimwear,beauty,girl, Source: handbag.com


Power to the Curvy Girls

clothing,blond,undergarment,swimwear,long hair, Source: Posh Pua: Swimwear


Kim K's Encore

clothing,swimwear,photography,undergarment,lingerie, Source: curvythoughts.tumblr.com

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Yeah, 6 is definitely not curvy

BTW another amazing article by Jennifer posted not long ago.... Thigh gap inspo. You're totally all about body positivity and female empowerment rather completely contradictory after looking at your other articles. You're a little confused my dear.

I'm so pleased with society right now. I love that we are posting pictures of women who's been retouched and received thousands of dollars of surgery to look like this and then tell women that this is what they are supposed to aspire to. I like the lack of diversity in this article and how we can't just accept how beautiful all of our bodies are. Even more, I appreciate that even if one works out and can't aspire to bodies like these, this is still what they're supposed to use as inspiration. Ms. Knightstep, you've really outdone yourself this time. I'm so excited to see what else you put out so I can hate my own body and desire to change myself. Future article suggestions for you: How to Hate your Body and maybe What You Should Look Like. Enjoy your life, you pompous person.

My point is that famous people who get plastic surgery to look like what the mass deems as "beautiful" it's altering what being beautiful really means. It has nothing to do with the outer appearance, it's what's inside. She among the entire media is the culprit for young girls thinking they are ugly, not good enough, will "never" look like the girls in magazines. You guys "defending" and "idolizing" these plastic puppets are NOT helping.

I agree with the commenters regarding missing an entire body type. Out of 32 pics, NOT a single picture of naturally thin woman. So, we don't have beautiful bodies Jennifer? Sad. Our society goes ballistic should anyone even insinuate that another person is a bit overweight, yet it is absolutely acceptable for people to use derogatory language to describe naturally thin women. What kind of message does that send? A hypocritical, ignorant and hurtful message. Women of all shapes are beautiful. Women are beautiful. Giving a shout out to the equally beautiful naturally thin women out there - you have a beautiful body too.

Didn't see any with my body shape on here...

Lol no naturally skinny girls. I'm not surprised. The fact that people are saying they're proud of the world today king of disgusts me. All the world did was switch attention to a different type of body while bringing another one down. That's not body positivity.

Don't know why Kim k is on here, everything about her is plastic. Doesn't really say much for naturally beautiful.

@m4nd4 nothing was said about natural beauty. This is beauty in general.

More please! : ) Posts like these are so, SOOO important !!

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