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5 Best Reasons to Get a Personal Trainer ...

By Glenys

There are people out there who can start a new fitness programme and achieve great results on their own, and then there are people who need a little more intensive help and motivation along the way. If you fall in to that second category, then you might want to consider getting a personal trainer to fill in that motivational role. It might seem fancy, but I promise you they aren’t just for the rich and famous! Here are five of the best reasons to get a personal trainer.

1 Not Expensive

Personal trainers don’t have to be expensive! There are plenty of reasonably priced professionals out there that charge between £40 and £60 per session; that’s a lot less than the £150 that most people seem to imagine! If you are super lucky, you might even get a number of personal trainer sessions included with a gym membership.

2 Motivation

Like I said in the intro, half the job of a personal trainer is to be a motivational presence in your life, someone who is going to be there to inspire and spur you on when you think you are hitting the wall. It is too easy to give up when you are on your own, but a trainer will make sure you reach your potential.

3 Great for Beginners

If you know absolutely nothing about health and fitness, then a personal trainer can be the individual who introduces you to it in a non-scary and accessible way. They will also come to you with all the experience and knowledge to make sure that you don’t make mistakes and hurt yourself.

4 Personalisation

There are obviously a few universal basics when it comes to exercising, but it can then branch out into lots of different things depending on your specific goals and needs. A personal trainer can provide that custom workout for you to make sure that you are doing the best things for your own body.

5 Life Change

Sometimes you just need that extra push to really make a big life change, and a personal trainer can be the physical representation of that push! It is their job to be cruel but kind, and they will always have your best interests at heart when putting you through your paces! They can be the force that unlocks a real life change for you.

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