7 Amazingly Effective Butt-Kicking Workouts to Try ...


Every woman should know a few amazingly effective butt-kicking workouts to try out! Whether you are committed to fitness on a regular basis, or just like to workout once a week to stay in shape, these workouts will keep you toned and burn fat and calories! Most of them are short workouts too, so you can either choose one to do on a rushed morning, or combine several together for a well-rounded workout. Keep on reading to learn some butt-kicking workouts!

1. Zumba

Zumba is one of the most powerful and fun butt-kicking workouts to try! You can burn up to 500+ calories during just one Zumba session! If you choose to attend a class, you can stand in the back if you are shy. Otherwise, you could pop a Zumba video in while in the privacy of your own home and go for the gold!

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