8️⃣ Savvy Ways to Stay Fit🏋🏼 for Girls Low on Cash Flow 💸 ...


You don’t need the latest Fitbit, the trendiest workout gear or a subscription to the hottest gym in town to keep fit.

Being flat broke really isn’t an excuse to not work out.

You don’t need a dime to invest in your health because there are all these fun ways to keep fit:

1. Walking

One of the cheapest ways to keep fit is to walk everywhere.

Take the dog out regularly for a good run, which will also keep your pet from becoming obese or, if you haven't got a dog, ask if you can help out an elderly neighbor or dog rescue center and go walkies with theirs.

Walk to the stores, to friends' houses, to work, to your church.

Just walk at least 30 minutes every week!

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