7 Skinny Ways to Revamp Your Grocery List ...


Are you looking for ways to revamp your grocery list?

Cold cuts, white bread, crackers, low fat cookies, cheese, veggies and fruit may be on your current list but should these all make the list?

It would be wonderful if you could navigate the grocery with confidence and be certain that you are making the right food choices.

As your nutritionist, I will help you do so starting today.

Here are the ways to revamp your grocery list:

1. Fill up with Veggies First

As you enter the grocery store, immediately head to the fresh produce section where you can pick up some fresh veggies.

I like to pick up my kale first, next eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, and broccoli.

Choosing your veggies at the start of your shopping trip is one of the best ways to revamp your grocery list.

2. Next Fill up with Fruits

After you choose your veggies, pick out all your fruits.

I like to fill my cart with apples, blueberries (if they are season), strawberries, blackberries, bananas, and clementine oranges.

By making the bulk of your cart fruit and veggies you are already on the right start to a healthy eating week.

3. Next Pick up Low Fat Dairy

Now that you have all your produce, head over to pick up some dairy.

I like to choose Greek yogurt and organic eggs.

I try to avoid the cheese, unless I have a guest visiting because I know I can literally sit there and eat a block of cheese.

This is a weakness of mine so why would I even have this in my house?

What are your food weaknesses, or something you could just not live without?

4. What about Some Lean Protein

Head over to the meat section to choose some organic meats.

With the controversy over the difference between organic and nonorganic, I like to play it on the safer side.2

I prefer to choose chicken or turkey as this is lower in fat than red meat.2

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