7 Signs You Need to Change Your Workout ...


What are your signs you need to change your workout?

Unless you’ve got a personal trainer, it’s unlikely that anyone will offer advice on your workout or exercise habits, and the signs you need to change your workout can be easy to miss.

Doing the wrong workout can lead to boredom, frustration or even injury, and completely put you off working out.

Here’s some of the top signs you need to mix up your workout.

1. You’re Always Sore…

One of the key signs you need to change your workout is that you spend more time feeling sore than you do feeling fine.

Your muscles need time to recover from exercise, and soreness can quickly set in after back-to-back workouts.

Make like the professionals, and follow every hard workout with two easy ones.

It’ll give your muscles more time to heal.

If you are still feeling sore, you’ve probably not got enough rest days factored in.

You’re Bored…
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