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Youll Want to Get Fit in These 46 Bits of Bright Workout Gear for Summer ...

By Jennifer

As I dressed myself this morning, I realized something, well, two things: one, working out is hard, and I do not like it, and two, all of my workout clothes are black or grey. Could these two things be related? Would I be happier working out in brightly-colored gear? There's only one way to find out, so I'm on a quest, searching for the cutest, most brilliantly-hued gear I can get my hands on... and to find a version of Oreo cookies I don't like.

Table of contents:

  1. Sweet chevron
  2. Kiss my sass
  3. Coral capri leggings
  4. Bright coral
  5. Pink & grey
  6. Grey & purple
  7. Mint... and i love the patterns!
  8. Floral capri leggings
  9. Bright animal-print leggings
  10. So. many. colors!
  11. And some glitter!
  12. Wild!
  13. I love this color blue!
  14. I like this one, too!
  15. Okay, so i have a thing for crazy capri leggings
  16. Lots of cardio...
  17. Listen to ariel
  18. Bright yellow - sleeveless for summer though
  19. Pop of yellow with black
  20. Red!
  21. A tiny bit of color
  22. One-leg print
  23. Another peach & grey
  24. Black & pink
  25. Black & red
  26. Red, white & blue - patriotic!
  27. Bright yellow top
  28. Don't worry about matching
  29. Matching top & shoes
  30. Just the shoes
  31. Pink & blue
  32. I know. one more pair
  33. For those cooler summer days
  34. Pink & yellow
  35. A pop of neon
  36. Pink & mint & floral, oh my!
  37. I lied. one more pair
  38. Add a colorful headband
  39. I love this top!
  40. And these tops...
  41. Matching bra & leggings
  42. Black, pink & yellow
  43. Pink!
  44. Light blue
  45. Purple shorts
  46. Tiffany blue
  47. Neon yellow

1 Sweet Chevron

Source: Aperture Tai X Back Sports

2 Kiss My Sass

I love the color, and the sentiment.

3 Coral Capri Leggings

Source: 21 Feelings Every Girl Who

4 Bright Coral

Source: Should We Workout Before Breakfast

5 Pink & Grey

6 Grey & Purple


7 Mint... and I Love the Patterns!

Source: Women's Activewear | Workout Clothes

8 Floral Capri Leggings

Source: Sport and Fitness Bottoms for

9 Bright Animal-Print Leggings

Source: Home - Bootyfits by Yanina

10 So. Many. Colors!


11 And Some Glitter!

Source: 25 Ab-Toning Moves — No

12 Wild!

Source: Gear Gone Wild: 15 Pairs

13 I Love This Color Blue!

Source: oGorgeous Gym Boutique - BEASTIN

14 I like This One, Too!

Source: Working off the Fluff

14 Okay, so I Have a Thing for Crazy Capri Leggings

Source: Women's Activewear & Workout Clothes

15 Lots of Cardio...

Source: 17 Tees For When Your

16 Listen to Ariel

Source: 23 More Workout Tanks To

17 Bright Yellow - Sleeveless for Summer Though

Source: How to Look Stylish at

18 Pop of Yellow with Black

Source: Black and Neon Nike

19 Red!

Source: oGorgeous Gym Boutique - I

20 A Tiny Bit of Color

21 One-leg Print


22 Another Peach & Grey

Source: Get Flexible- The Flexitarian Diet

23 Black & Pink

Source: Burnout Tank Top. Racerback Tank

24 Black & Red

Source: 32 Stylish Workout Outfit Ideas

25 Red, White & Blue - Patriotic!

Source: Earn Your Shower. Tank Top

26 Bright Yellow Top

Source: Pumped-Up Workout Gear That'll Get

27 Don't Worry about Matching

Source: What To Eat Before Workout

28 Matching Top & Shoes

Source: Funeral For My Fat

29 Just the Shoes

Source: A Southern Drawl

30 Pink & Blue

Source: How to Look Stylish at

31 I Know. One More Pair

Source: The Ultimate Inner-Thigh Workout

32 For Those Cooler Summer Days

Source: Work It, Girl - The

33 Pink & Yellow

Source: Healthy Habits: The Best Foods

34 A Pop of Neon

Source: Skinny Mom | Legs That

35 Pink & Mint & Floral, Oh My!

Source: 52 Ways to Save $100



37 Add a Colorful Headband

Source: Jessica Linda

38 I Love This Top!

Source: Summer Workout Clothes: 50 Under

39 And These Tops...

Source: The Best Sports Bra For

40 Matching Bra & Leggings


41 Black, Pink & Yellow

Source: Lyra Activewear | Women's fitness

42 Pink!

Source: Be Fit. Be Beautiful &

43 Light Blue

Source: Fitness and Nutrition | Royal

44 Purple Shorts

Source: Stressed by Work-Life Balance

45 Tiffany Blue

Source: 37 Ways To Treat Yourself

46 Neon Yellow

Source: Trendy Running Clothes For Women

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