You'll Want to Get Fit in These 46 Bits of Bright Workout Gear for Summer ...


As I dressed myself this morning, I realized something, well, two things: one, working out is hard, and I do not like it, and two, all of my workout clothes are black or grey. Could these two things be related? Would I be happier working out in brightly-colored gear? There's only one way to find out, so I'm on a quest, searching for the cutest, most brilliantly-hued gear I can get my hands on... and to find a version of Oreo cookies I don't like.

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Sweet Chevron

Sweet Chevron Source: Aperture Tai X Back Sports


Kiss My Sass

Kiss My Sass I love the color, and the sentiment.


Coral Capri Leggings

Coral Capri Leggings Source: 21 Feelings Every Girl Who


Bright Coral

Bright Coral Source: Should We Workout Before Breakfast


This vibrant peach-meets-pink hue isn’t just for beach days and tropical vacays—it’s making a major splash in the fitness world, too. Perfect for the bold and energetic spirits, wearing a piece of bright coral workout gear can boost your mood and make you feel more motivated and alive. It's great for those early-morning runs when you need a little extra oomph to get going, or for standing out in a sea of black and grey at the gym. Plus, it pairs beautifully with a fresh summer tan!


Pink & Grey

Pink & Grey


Grey & Purple

Grey & Purple Source:


Mint... and I Love the Patterns!

Mint... and I Love the Patterns! Source: Women's Activewear | Workout Clothes


Floral Capri Leggings

Floral Capri Leggings Source: Sport and Fitness Bottoms for


Bright Animal-Print Leggings

Bright Animal-Print Leggings Source: Home - Bootyfits by Yanina


So. Many. Colors!

So. Many. Colors! Source:


And Some Glitter!

And Some Glitter! Source: 25 Ab-Toning Moves — No



Wild! Source: Gear Gone Wild: 15 Pairs


I Love This Color Blue!

I Love This Color Blue! Source: oGorgeous Gym Boutique - BEASTIN


This vibrant aqua blue is a color that simply screams, "Summer fun in the sun!" It's the perfect shade to give your workout that extra energy boost and make you feel like you're diving into a clear ocean whenever you hit the gym or the pavement. The color isn't just beautiful; it's also designed to keep you cool and motivated during those intense, sweat-breaking sessions. With gear this eye-catching, you'll be the envy of everyone at your fitness class or running club.


I like This One, Too!

I like This One, Too! Source: Working off the Fluff


Okay, so I Have a Thing for Crazy Capri Leggings

Okay, so I Have a Thing for Crazy Capri Leggings Source: Women's Activewear & Workout Clothes


Lots of Cardio...

Lots of Cardio... Source: 17 Tees For When Your


Listen to Ariel

Listen to Ariel Source: 23 More Workout Tanks To


Bright Yellow - Sleeveless for Summer Though

Bright Yellow - Sleeveless for Summer Though Source: How to Look Stylish at


Pop of Yellow with Black

Pop of Yellow with Black Source: Black and Neon Nike



Red! Source: oGorgeous Gym Boutique - I


One of the most popular colors for workout gear this summer is red. This bold and vibrant color not only adds a pop of energy to your workout wardrobe, but it also has been shown to increase motivation and performance during exercise. Many fitness brands, such as oGorgeous Gym Boutique, have released collections featuring red workout gear, including sports bras, leggings, and tanks. Red is also a great color for outdoor activities, as it can help increase visibility and safety. So whether you're hitting the gym or going for a run outside, incorporating some red pieces into your workout attire is a sure way to stand out and stay motivated.


A Tiny Bit of Color

A Tiny Bit of Color


One-leg Print

One-leg Print Source: LEGGING - 'LIDO WEST


Another Peach & Grey

Another Peach & Grey Source: Get Flexible- The Flexitarian Diet


Black & Pink

Black & Pink Source: Burnout Tank Top. Racerback Tank


Black & Red

Black & Red Source: 32 Stylish Workout Outfit Ideas


Red, White & Blue - Patriotic!

Red, White & Blue - Patriotic! Source: Earn Your Shower. Tank Top


Bright Yellow Top

Bright Yellow Top Source: Pumped-Up Workout Gear That'll Get


Don't Worry about Matching

Don't Worry about Matching Source: What To Eat Before Workout


Matching Top & Shoes

Matching Top & Shoes Source: Funeral For My Fat


Just the Shoes

Just the Shoes Source: A Southern Drawl


Pink & Blue

Pink & Blue Source: How to Look Stylish at


I Know. One More Pair

I Know. One More Pair Source: The Ultimate Inner-Thigh Workout


For Those Cooler Summer Days

For Those Cooler Summer Days Source: Work It, Girl - The


Pink & Yellow

Pink & Yellow Source: Healthy Habits: The Best Foods


A Pop of Neon

A Pop of Neon Source: Skinny Mom | Legs That


Pink & Mint & Floral, Oh My!

Pink & Mint & Floral, Oh My! Source: 52 Ways to Save $100



I Lied. ONE MORE PAIR Source:


Add a Colorful Headband

Add a Colorful Headband Source: Jessica Linda


I Love This Top!

I Love This Top! Source: Summer Workout Clothes: 50 Under


This vibrant top not only adds a splash of color to your workout wardrobe but also features moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry and comfortable as you break a sweat. With a stylish fit that flatters your figure, it's perfect for both gym sessions and outdoor activities under the sun. The breathable material ensures you stay cool, even on the hottest of days. Pair it with your favorite leggings or shorts for an effortlessly chic fitness look that motivates you to move. Don't forget to complement this piece with some fresh sneakers and you're all set for a summer of active fun!


And These Tops...

And These Tops... Source: The Best Sports Bra For


Matching Bra & Leggings

Matching Bra & Leggings Source:


Black, Pink & Yellow

Black, Pink & Yellow Source: Lyra Activewear | Women's fitness



Pink! Source: Be Fit. Be Beautiful &


Light Blue

Light Blue Source: Fitness and Nutrition | Royal


Purple Shorts

Purple Shorts Source: Stressed by Work-Life Balance


Tiffany Blue

Tiffany Blue Source: 37 Ways To Treat Yourself


Neon Yellow

Neon Yellow Source: Trendy Running Clothes For Women

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OMG! I pinned so many of these! :0

Super cute workout clothes!!

I love Fabletics! If money wasn't an issue, I would have all the outfits in the world!! I used to shy away from Capri leggings but I love them now. :)

This outfits makes me wanna go to gym right now .

I always have a fun bright outfit when I work out, it honestly makes the workout far more enjoyable!!

I soo love it..❤️

These are really cute

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