Youll Want to Get Fit in These 46 Bits of Bright Workout Gear for Summer ...

By Jennifer

Youll Want to Get Fit in These 46 Bits of Bright Workout Gear for Summer ...

As I dressed myself this morning, I realized something, well, two things: one, working out is hard, and I do not like it, and two, all of my workout clothes are black or grey. Could these two things be related? Would I be happier working out in brightly-colored gear? There's only one way to find out, so I'm on a quest, searching for the cutest, most brilliantly-hued gear I can get my hands on... and to find a version of Oreo cookies I don't like.

1 Sweet Chevron

Source: Aperture Tai X Back Sports

2 Kiss My Sass

I love the color, and the sentiment.

3 Coral Capri Leggings

Source: 21 Feelings Every Girl Who

4 Bright Coral

Source: Should We Workout Before Breakfast

5 Pink & Grey

6 Grey & Purple


7 Mint... and I Love the Patterns!

Source: Women's Activewear | Workout Clothes

8 Floral Capri Leggings

Source: Sport and Fitness Bottoms for

9 Bright Animal-Print Leggings

Source: Home - Bootyfits by Yanina

10 So. Many. Colors!


11 And Some Glitter!

Source: 25 Ab-Toning Moves — No

12 Wild!

Source: Gear Gone Wild: 15 Pairs

13 I Love This Color Blue!

Source: oGorgeous Gym Boutique - BEASTIN

14 I like This One, Too!

Source: Working off the Fluff

14 Okay, so I Have a Thing for Crazy Capri Leggings

Source: Women's Activewear & Workout Clothes

15 Lots of Cardio...

Source: 17 Tees For When Your

16 Listen to Ariel

Source: 23 More Workout Tanks To

17 Bright Yellow - Sleeveless for Summer Though

Source: How to Look Stylish at

18 Pop of Yellow with Black

Source: Black and Neon Nike

19 Red!

Source: oGorgeous Gym Boutique - I

20 A Tiny Bit of Color

21 One-leg Print


22 Another Peach & Grey

Source: Get Flexible- The Flexitarian Diet

23 Black & Pink

Source: Burnout Tank Top. Racerback Tank

24 Black & Red

Source: 32 Stylish Workout Outfit Ideas

25 Red, White & Blue - Patriotic!

Source: Earn Your Shower. Tank Top

26 Bright Yellow Top

Source: Pumped-Up Workout Gear That'll Get

27 Don't Worry about Matching

Source: What To Eat Before Workout

28 Matching Top & Shoes

Source: Funeral For My Fat

29 Just the Shoes

Source: A Southern Drawl

30 Pink & Blue

Source: How to Look Stylish at

31 I Know. One More Pair

Source: The Ultimate Inner-Thigh Workout

32 For Those Cooler Summer Days

Source: Work It, Girl - The

33 Pink & Yellow

Source: Healthy Habits: The Best Foods

34 A Pop of Neon

Source: Skinny Mom | Legs That

35 Pink & Mint & Floral, Oh My!

Source: 52 Ways to Save $100



37 Add a Colorful Headband

Source: Jessica Linda

38 I Love This Top!

Source: Summer Workout Clothes: 50 Under

39 And These Tops...

Source: The Best Sports Bra For

40 Matching Bra & Leggings


41 Black, Pink & Yellow

Source: Lyra Activewear | Women's fitness

42 Pink!

Source: Be Fit. Be Beautiful &

43 Light Blue

Source: Fitness and Nutrition | Royal

44 Purple Shorts

Source: Stressed by Work-Life Balance

45 Tiffany Blue

Source: 37 Ways To Treat Yourself

46 Neon Yellow

Source: Trendy Running Clothes For Women

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