7. Handstand


This may be the most difficult one to master, but if you practice a press handstand you will be using pure core strength. Well, you will need it to lift your legs, but you need a lot of arm strength to actually press up. Practice the motion by going into downward facing dog, lifting your hips, and contracting your abs. Continuing to engage your abs, lift one leg to come into downward dog split.

Gradually try hopping a little bit with your other leg, until you can use your core strength to lift both legs in the air and when you have enough arm strength to hold you up. It is a good idea to practice this by a wall and not on a hard surface to prevent injuries. Hold as long as you feel comfortable, building up until you can hold longer and even walk on your hands!

As you now know, yoga requires an immense amount of abdominal and core strength to perform certain poses. Over time, you will be able to have the strong and defined core you desire, all without crunches! What is your favorite way to tone your abs?

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