10 Workouts πŸ’ͺ🏼 to Have You Burning πŸ”₯ Stress πŸ˜– and Calories βš–οΈ All at Once ...

Hey girls!! If you want to work your butt off, burn off stress and smash mega calories you need to follow these workouts. These are workouts that as a trainer for over a decade, I utilize for my clients’ success and in my own personal workouts. So they obviously work or why else would I have my clients, or myself do them! These are the workouts that you finish covered in sweat and with a smile. And regardless of how hard a day you may have had, after these workouts you will feel weightless, accomplished and totally happy. So take a dose of happy with these super effective workouts starting now!

1. Running

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Running is a sport loved by many and dreaded by a great number of people as well. If you have been forced to run in a sports practice at some point or another you may see this workout as a form of torture but I will tell you otherwise. Running is not only one of the highest calorie burning exercises but it will also help take your stress away. I feel like with every strike of the pavement, I am whisked away from stress and brought to a happier place!

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