7 Wonderful Ways That Staying Fit during Pregnancy Will Benefit You While Giving Birth ...


7 Wonderful Ways That Staying Fit during Pregnancy Will Benefit You While Giving Birth ...
7 Wonderful Ways That Staying Fit during Pregnancy Will Benefit You While Giving Birth ...

Staying fit during pregnancy is beneficial in many ways, for both mama and baby! I’ve chosen to highlight the benefits that staying fit during pregnancy will hold during the process of giving birth. Having a baby is a lot of work, but if you focus on staying fit during pregnancy, you may have an easier time of it! Read on of for some neat benefits of a fit pregnancy!

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Easier Labour and Delivery

There’s no doubt that staying fit during pregnancy will help you have an easier labour and delivery. It may not be textbook perfect, but the stronger your body is physically, the easier you will be able to handle it all. Focus on core exercises, since you use your core in labour the most.


Your Body Heals Faster

The better shape you are in throughout your pregnancy, the faster you will heal! And every woman likes to be able to fit into her pre-pregnancy jeans as soon as possible. Staying fit during pregnancy can help you avoid gaining any more weight than necessary, so that’s less you have to lose after baby is born!


Quicker Birth Process

The stronger you are, the easier it will be to push and aid your body in birthing your baby. Muscles that haven’t been used throughout your pregnancy are going to be in pandemonium when labour strikes. So strengthen and condition those muscles in hope that you will have a smooth and fast labour!


Higher Energy Levels

Working out and staying fit increases your energy levels, so it’s no surprise that a woman who stays fit through pregnancy will have more energy during labour. Diet and nutrition also play a role in your energy levels, so make sure you are eating good food to fuel your body for what is ahead, especially in those few weeks leading up to birth.


Less Soreness after Giving Birth

Labour uses nearly every single muscle in your body, repeatedly, for long periods of time. If you have been properly stretching your muscles before, during, and after workouts, then you will no doubt have less soreness the day after giving birth. Some women have described their muscle soreness after giving birth as feeling as if they had been hit by a truck. Do your pregnancy stretches in hope to cut down a bit on that soreness!


Better Self Image

Having a better self-image is a confidence booster to most women. And you are going to need that boost while going through labour. Childbirth can be an intimidating experience, and not necessarily dignified. So the better you feel about your body, the easier it may be on you!


Lower Risk of Post Partum Depression

Post partum depression is a very real thing for some women. Your physical and mental health can play a role in Post Partum Depression, although hormones are a part of it all as well. Since exercise releases feel-good endorphins, your risk of post partum depression can be lowered by staying fit throughout your pregnancy.

Having just had a baby myself, I am a living testament that these tips are true. While it may not be the same for every woman, having a fit pregnancy is bound to help your birth process out in one way or another. Do what you can to be prepared, and let the rest happen as it happens! Are you determined to have a fit pregnancy?

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