Will a Gym Membership 🎟 Actually Help You Get Fit 🏋🏼‍❓ ...

Every year you swear that this will be the year you finally join a gym - and you never do. Of course you don't actually need a gym to get fit (see my article on 'How to lose weight on a budget') - but for many people a gym is an invaluable tool for maintaining fitness. So should you join one? Here are some of the reasons a gym membership may be what you need to help you get (and stay) fit …

1. All-Weather Access

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When you join a gym, the weather will never get in the way of getting fit. You can head to the gym and run on a treadmill when it's raining, instead of staying home because it's too wet to go for a run. Or if it's too warm outside you can exercise in a comfortable, air-conditioned gym.

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