Wild Workouts: Parkour Inspired Exercises Anyone Can Try ...

If you've ever watched a video of Parkour, you should know that it's pretty dangerous, which means you shouldn't run around trying to scale buildings like the people you've seen on Youtube. However, you can steal some beginning moves from people who practice Parkour in order to give yourself a workout that you can brag about. No, you probably won't end up doing any crazy stunts, but you'll definitely strengthen your body. If you're looking for a new workout, here are a few Parkour inspired exercises anyone can try:

1. Basic Lunges

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You don't want to end up in the hospital, which means you should take things slow. Start by doing some basic stretches and then moving on to doing lunges. It sounds boring, but it'll help you limber up for all the rest of the exercises that you're going to do. Plus, it'll help strengthen up your body.

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