Why Your Fitness Plan Always Fails ...


How many times have you tried to get fit, only to abandon your attempts after a short time? If your fitness plan always fails, it's time to look at what's going wrong with your approach. Once you know what you're doing wrong you can start again with a more effective approach. Here are the reasons why your fitness plan always fails …

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You're Not Motivated

For a fitness plan to work, you have to be truly motivated to get fit. Otherwise you'll be lucky if it lasts a week! Getting fit takes a lot of effort, and if you don't have the commitment it needs, you'll soon start making excuses not to go to the gym. If you're having trouble getting motivated, work out why. Perhaps you're not picking the right regime for you.


You're Looking for a Quick Fix

Getting fit is definitely not a quick fix, and maintaining fitness is a continual process. If you expect to see overnight results from your fitness efforts, you're bound to be disappointed. Aim instead to work on your fitness over a period of time, and set yourself realistic goals to work towards.


It's Not Interesting Enough

An exercise regime has to keep you interested if it's going to work. Have you always picked forms of exercise that you can't get into? Look for a fitness plan that includes a variety of methods, so that you don't get bored. It may also help to find yourself a fitness buddy; you'll be more likely to go to the gym or for a run if you've got someone to keep you company.


You've Convinced Yourself You Don't Have Time

Fitness regimes often fail because people decide that they "don't have time". But isn't it worth finding time to look after your health? Surely you can fit in a short period of exercise every day. Make it a priority, and look at where you can free up time for your exercise regime.


Deciding It's Too Hard

Many exercise plans fall by the wayside because they're 'too hard'. Well, nobody said getting fit was going to be easy! Giving up because it's too hard means you'll never get fit. Be realistic and accept that it's something you're going to have to work towards. It's also important to build your way up - you can't expect to go from 0-60 in no time at all.


You're Overdoing It

Some people go to the other extreme and overdo it in their attempts to get fit. Not only can you wear yourself out (and then decide it's too hard), but you can also cause yourself an injury. And that will call a halt to your fitness regime. Once you're forced to take a break, you may then lose momentum and not get back into your fitness program.


You're Still Eating a Poor Diet

Exercise is only part of getting and staying healthy. You won't get the most out of your exercise plan if you're not putting the right fuel into your body. If your diet is unhealthy, you won't have the energy to work on your fitness, so give your diet an overhaul if you really want to get fit.

Committing to getting fit will pay off both inside and outside. You'll both look and feel better, so if your fitness plans have always failed, get it right this time!

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Im not motivated enough to reach my goal. 😞😞😞

Why my fitness plan never works: I am a fatass and healthy food tastes like shit. -_-

It was meant for me to see this....but how do I get motivated?

Me too!!!

Aaaaw there are many ways to motivate!! Get a young handsome boyfriend, plan a summer vacation with a bikini, want to look better than your younger sister in law, but most of all do it for yourself and when the day come when you really want to give up, just make the decision to go on and continue, after 12 weeks you will feel great and look great and be more motivated to continue!! And yes, food is important, protein especially, dont lose muscles mass while trying to build muscles like I did :(

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