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The Ultimate List of Reasons Why You Shouldn't Worry about Not Having a Thigh Gap ...

By Tricia

Here's why you shouldn't worry about not having a thigh gap.

Let’s talk about the thigh gap and why some people have it and others don’t. Why some people do ridiculously crazy things to get something they can never have and why others have it naturally.

First of all, you can’t change genetics. People who have thigh gaps were likely born that way. Thigh gaps have to do with the width of an individual’s thighs, as well as how long their femoral head is (the thigh bone). There really isn’t anything anyone can do to get that thigh gap.

Please stop with the disordered thinking and trying to strive for something that you may never have. There are no magical exercises that can make this happen and having a thigh gap has zero health benefits. Striving for a thigh gap means you have to become very very thin. This causes issues with body image and eating disorders. You can absolutely tone your inner thighs, but it won't necessarily give you that desired thigh gap. That's a big reason why you shouldn't worry about not having a thigh gap.

You don’t have the bone structure for a thigh gap? That’s ok. You don’t need it. And no, you cannot diet and exercise your way to a thigh gap. If you have a trainer and they are telling you something as ridiculous as to how to achieve a thigh gap, they are wildly uneducated and have no idea what they are talking about. So instead of worrying about trying to reach unattainable fitness goals, try to reach for those that are attainable. How many push-ups can you do? Squats? Lunges? Sumo-squats? Deadlifts? (All of those work the thighs and inner thighs and ramp up the heart rate).

There's also nothing you can do about the width of your hipbones. Don’t forget that people with a thigh gap tend to have more knee problems. The wider your hipbones are, the more your knees’ angle becomes dangerously close to pulling out. Remember you are either born with it or you're not. If you’re not, don’t try to make it so.

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